Homeschool Lesson Plan: Eggs and Nests

*Lesson is appropriate for children ages 3-8 (tailored for my three children ages 3, 5 and 7).


Read Aloud:



  • Counting Bird Activity Set – This is an awesome FREE resource I found, from Life, Abundantly. Print and cut out ahead of time or have kids help cut out. I laminated ours for future use.
    • 7 year old: Rolling dice and multiplying them using groups of eggs in the nest. Picking a numbered egg and using anywhere from 2-4 eggs that add up to that number.
    • 5 year old: Lining up eggs and counting them. Rolling two dice and adding the total of those dice to the nest.
    • 3 year old: Lining up eggs and counting them. Rolling dice and putting that many eggs into nest.
  • Eggs In A Nest Division Worksheet (7 year old)


  • 7 year old: “If I needed to build a nest…” (Who am I? Where? What will I use?) & draw a picture of your nest.
  • 5 year old: Read and copy sight word sentence – “I see three eggs in the nest.” Draw a picture of your nest.
  • 3 year old: Trace an egg and the word “EGG” & draw a bird inside of your egg.


  • Nature hike to collect nest supplies (i.e. small twigs, straw, grass, moss).
  • Make homemade play dough, using this great recipe from Fun Learning for Kids. For a more natural look, don’t add food coloring. Let kids do all the scooping, pouring, stirring and kneading. I added cinnamon. It smells nice! And I added quite a bit of cornstarch while kneading to make the dough less sticky. It made it nice and soft.
  • Make bird nests using supplies from hike and playdough.


  • Playdough
  • Plastic easter eggs with corresponding colored counting bears
  • Books – spring themed