A Countdown To Christmas For Kids!

Countdown To ChristmasSo, I am a sucker for tradition and memory-making and especially Christmas. There’s no denying it. I think it was sometime in September, when I was nesting hard and hoping Margaret would make an early debut, that I began daydreaming about this year’s holidays with our three children(!). Filled with ALL the Pinterest-mom zest for their perfect childhood, I dreamed up this play on the advent calendar that would be festive, fun and chock-full of the spirit of giving.Christmas Countdown For Kids!

I organized 24 daily activities that can be shuffled around to accommodate your schedule (i.e. tree-getting and visits to Santa on the weekends, coloring and caroling on weekdays). Our daily prompts (see below) are laminated (because of course), slipped into each of these adorable numbered bags and hung on our advent tree. Every morning the kids come down and pluck the day’s bag off the tree. We’ve been having SO much fun decorating our house, writing letters to soldiers and Santa, going to the post office to mail our letters and making some charitable donations in our community.

It’s never to late to start a new tradition and make some holiday memories of your own! Hopefully, these ideas/printout makes it a little easier for you! Tis the season to be jolly, after all!Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with these fun and festive activities for children!

  1. Decorate the whole house for Christmas (make sure to blast the Christmas music)!
  2. Bring food donations to a food pantry.
  3. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon!
  4. Write a Christmas card to a deployed service member!
  5. Write a letter to Santa!
  6. Mail your letters to Santa and soldiers!
  7. Color Christmas pictures!
  8. Make paper snowflakes!
  9. Pick out and decorate the Christmas tree!
  10. Pick out new Christmas ornaments for this year’s tree!
  11. Visit Santa!
  12.  Do something kind for someone in your family — shh, it’s a secret! (Pick names now.)
  13. Sing Christmas carols!
  14. Make Christmas gifts or cards for your teachers!
  15. Gather old toys and clothes to donate!
  16. Make birdseed ornaments to hang outside!
  17. Go to Starbucks for Christmas drinks, then head out on a family hike (bring some birdseed ornaments to hang)!
  18. Make peppermint bark!
  19. Build a blanket fort and read Christmas stories inside!
  20. Play a family game!
  21. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies!
  22. Sit by the fire (inside or outside) and roast marshmallows!
  23. Walk around (or drive if it’s too cold) in jammies to look at Christmas pretties!
  24. Open your Christmas Eve Bag!

Countdown To Christmas Printable

Click this image for a printable PDF!

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The Best Things Come In Threes.

At 40 weeks and six days,
on October 16, 2016,
our sweet daughter,
Margaret Rose,
was born at 12:33 in the afternoon.
She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and measured 20.5 in.
She has taken our hearts and taught us that…
the best things come in threes.
Margaret Rose

Put Down The Phone and Pick Up The Baby!

Put Down The Phone and Pick Up The BabySo I got a gut punch first thing this morning when my three year old asked me if I wanted to just lay with her instead of being on my phone. I tossed my iPhone aside and wrapped my arms around her. She let me hold her for a few minutes, as she warmed her ice cold toes between my legs while I brushed the hair out of her face.

What the heck had I been doing that was more important than cuddling my daughter at 7AM? Checking email, checking Facebook, checking the weather and checking Instagram. Same thing I do during every other lull in the day.

I honestly hadn’t realized, until she inadvertently pointed it out to me, that almost every day when Madeline comes into my room I’m either already on or quickly pick up my phone. What message is that sending her? I’ll just leave that question rhetorical. #momguilt

My bed is for sleeping, snuggling and sexy time. How quickly it seems I’ve forgotten the simplicity of it in the age of instaEverything.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love this digital age we live in — information and entertainment at our fingertips at a moments notice. But this morning, after wondering aloud with my husband whether or not there are apps that block you from using features of your phone at certain times, I realized that if I have to wonder I probably am taking a few too many moments away, “checking out” of my day.

My plan? I’m going to dock my phone on my dresser to charge overnight, out of reach from the bed. From now on, I’ll do my checks after I get out of bed. Because really? It can wait.

I can’t say it’s the same for you, but I’ve become addicted to my phone. Breaking the daily habit of picking it up first thing (before my feet even hit the ground) isn’t going to be easy. Truth be told, even just thinking about making this permanent change has me a little twitchy. But the change is needed. I need more time warming up my baby’s cold toes and memorizing the quiet moments together before our crazy days begin.