Sesame Street, student loans and puppies galore!

Sesame Street on 5facts with Telly MonsterSesame Street’s Telly monster stopped by #5facts to help investigate the microscopic worlds hidden in everyday objects. I learned a LOT (like that strawberries are a little bit creepazoid). Your kids will, too!

The truth hurts: Every month that Gregory Zbylut pays $1,300 toward his law school loans is another month of not qualifying for a decent mortgage. Every payment toward their student loans is $900 Dr. Nida Degesys and her husband aren’t putting in their retirement savings account. They believe they’ll eventually climb from debt and begin using their earnings to build assets rather than fill holes. But, like the roughly 37 million others in the U.S. saddled with $1 trillion in student debt, they may never catch up with wealthy peers who began life after college free from the burden.

In the meantime, I’ll take one of everything, please.


I don’t know if I think they are amazing, but these celebrity views on body image do send a positive message.

These girls have got some serious pipes! Gives me all the feels.

all the things you need to see, according to me.

Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon. I dare you not to smile.

If I had an extra $3000 lying around, I would definitely spend it on this.

I wish I could get Andy to do this with me. So bad, I wish this.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a hundred times: Baby animals are the cutest. Baby animals times three? Three times the cute.

Amen, sister friend! I’ve been a mom for less than two years, and I’m already getting burned out!

Have you seen this PSA from Kevin Bacon. Important stuff, folks!

real-life school of rock principal closes Kentucky elementary school in style.

When a Kentucky school closed for yet another snow day, Principal Detwiler showed his students he knew how to rock with his atypical phone announcement. Stephens Elementary is the real-life School of Rock. Bow down.

Why didn’t my old principal, Sister Mary, ever do something like this at St. Joseph School?? Never mind. That question just answered itself.