easter at our house.

snow snow go away.

It was decided that tonight would be a great night for a huge snow storm. 10-12 inches. You know. The night before I move on post? There is already a two hour delay on post for tomorrow morning. I emailed the housing office, and they said if I can get onto post, they will move me in. That sounds unfortunate promising.

As far as I know, the movers are still coming. They haven’t told me otherwise. I’ve got the washer/dryer being delivered Thursday night and Direct TV being installed on Saturday morning. I am really ready to get this ball rolling, to get on post, to have a backyard, to get into our new house and make it our home.

I talked to Andrew tonight on video chat. It was his Wednesday morning, and he had just done PT. I know he was tired, and he had to go pretty quickly, so not much time for chitchat. Just enough time to say hello and that we love each other (I already was able to skype instant message him earlier in the day at work…so it wasn’t terrible). This situation so far has actually been pretty good. We instant message sporadically during my morning/his night and he tries to call or video chat my night/his morning (when his bandwidth isn’t totally taken over). We don’t have it down to a science yet, but we’re trying. And that.is.awesome.

It’s been almost a week since Andrew left, and I have to say- after my first two torturous days, I feel like I’m doing SO much better. It’s all about routine and keeping busy. So I guess what everyone said is true. I wake up, take the pup out, feed the pup, get dressed, take the pup back out, go to work, chat to Andy, come home for lunch to take the pup out and feed her, go back to work, come home, take the pup out and feed her, watch tv, skype Andy, go to bed, repeat. This puppy is a very good thing for me- she obviously keeps me on a schedule and keeps me on track. Taking care of someone something else reminds you that there are larger things out there than just yourself. (this must be what kids are like — as Andy said, “I’m glad we got a dog. I don’t want kids anymore.”) I’m starting to believe myself when I say we will make it through this deployment.

Tonight I was on the phone with my friend Chrissy, the company commander’s wife, and she was telling me stories about her husband’s homecomings from previous deployments (plural- as in, they’ve done this twice already). If anything could’ve given me hope and joy on this snowpacked night, it was the reminder that this whole “going it alone” thing (not having someone to snuggle up to at night, not having someone to take the dog out with/for me, not having my best friend at my beckon call) is temporary. And when Andrew and I make it through this, we’re in for a ton of happiness…together!