another week, another Wednesday.

This morning Madeline was awake at 5:15AM, chatting away in her crib. This triggered Hudson to start his yelping and shrieking well before Andy’s alarm for PT had even gone off. But Maddie fell back asleep sometime around 6:30AM, and I spent those early morning hours under the covers, happily gabbing with Korea Jenn (as she’s affectionately known in our house) on Facebook chat.

Of the ten loads of laundry to be done this week, I still have three remaining (having company adds a few extra loads of sheets/blankets/towels). But instead of having an 11th load of puke pillow and case from Sean’s unfortunate late night episode of sickness on Friday, I just threw them out. Because that’s how I roll. Lightened my load right up.

The stress of Christmas cards and shopping and stocking stuffers and travel plans is turning me into an even crazier, spreadsheet making Scrooge than I already am. But there’s nothing like the power of the James Taylor at Christmas album, the Snow Day candle, Target Dollar Spot snowflake window clings on the back door and a hot cup of coffee with Thin Mint creamer to melt away the stress and to bring the joy of the season back into our home. (Don’t worry, we don’t have Christmas decorations up yet. Those can wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving. We’re just inwardly celebrating, right now. DEFCON 3.)

Andrew has been leaving his dishes out on the kitchen counter, right beside the empty dishwasher. If you know what I mean by this, then you know how I feel about this. But this morning he was the one who put on the Christmas music, squeezed me tight and smooched me so many times on the way out the door that Madeline looked up at us and belly-laughed, as she picked up the Cheerios she had thrown to the floor from her high chair and popped them into her mouth.

Alright, Wednesday. I can deal.

story time.

I took Madeline to story time at the local library yesterday. It was her first time in a more formal environment with children her age. It was right around nap time, so I thought she might be timid and cling to my leg, maybe even cry if someone looked at her.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Mer buh (more books), you say?? I’m in!!” she said. Or that’s what she would have said if she could talk. We got our new library card and started walking through the shelves of children’s books before story time. Her eyes grew bigger and bigger with each step. “Do you want to pick one out, Maddie?” I asked. “YAH!” she shouted. “Use your inside voice,” I said. “We’re in the library.” “MAMA. MAMA. YAH!! MAMA. MAMA. MAMA!!” she replied.

She tried out the pint-sized table and chairs in the children’s section:

Madeline sitting at the library table.
Madeline climbing on the library chair.

And picked out her first book to borrow:

Chamelia by Ethan Long
Chamelia- a book about standing out while still joining in with the crowd.
Not the most intuitive message.
We’ll take more care choosing next week. Something about pumpkins, perhaps?

During story time, Maddie was a chameleon, almost indistinguishable from the big kids, if it weren’t for her tiny stature and adorable overalls. I watched her join right in, like she’d been going to story time all her life. She ran forward with the children to pet the puppy puppet and to grab a bumblebee (pom pom) for a song. She stood right up front to listen to the stories and, when she lost interest, she made her rounds through the groups of sitting children to see how they were liking it. A few times she came back to me to check in, but I’m sure she did it for my sake and not because she needed me. 
Spring Lake Library Story Time
Story time at Spring Lake Library
There was never a MAMA so proud as I was, yesterday at story time. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

coco loco.

I sat down at my computer all set to write a minute-by-minute play-by-play of my morning. My post was going to include Hudson barking and yelping maniacally from his crate the moment my foot hit the ground getting out of bed. It was going say how Madeline slept until 8:45AM (13.5+ hours) and only woke up when we went in to check on her and found her sleeping in a small puddle of vomit (she had choked on phlegm and coughed until she it spit up). It was going to say that this round of changing sick sheets went MUCH more smoothly than the last time. Live and learn AKA no more double knotted bumpers. It would have said that clingy, slightly sick Madeline, although loud, sad and boogery, is extremely adorable, sweet and cuddly.

But instead, all I really want to write about is how unimaginably amazing the yogurt I just ate for lunch was!! Maybe it was because it’s the first thing I’d eaten all day. Maybe I’m blissing out because the house is so peaceful and quiet with three loads of laundry done, the vacuuming done, my puppies and my sick baby all asleep. Maybe I just love foods that are “healthy,” but also include candy. But I believe this yogurt is THE best thing to happen to me all day, all week and definitely all month (we’re only two days into October- not a ton of competition).

Chobani Almond Coco Loco Flip Yogurt

Chobani Almond Coco Loco Flip. The coconut yogi with real bits of shredded coconut. The toasted almonds and dark chocolate chips that you flip in and crunch in each bite. I can’t right now. I wish had bought more than just one. I would have crushed it right after this one, which I used my finger to lick clean. I might need to go off-post (Closed Commissary? Thanks a lot, Government!) to pick up some more…like now. Guys, trust me on this (if you like coconut, almond and chocolate- and if you don’t, who are you and why are you reading my blog). Treatyoself to this yogurt. You will not regret it.

*Disclaimer: I love writing disclaimers, because I’m not popular and companies don’t send me their products to review for free (YET). So I bought me some Chobani with my own money, and this post contains my own opinion. I have in no way been compensated by Chobani or their posse. That being said… Chobani: If you are reading this and would like to send me a year’s supply of Almond Coco Loco for this glowing review, I very gratefully accept!