i think i blacked out.

Thin MintsThis has been happening too often. I look down and half a sleeve of Thin Mints are gone. There are six Airhead wrappers next to me. The bag of chips is empty. This black out, binge junk eating has got to stop! It’s like I’m calling out to the god of gestational diabetes, “Pick me! Choose me!”

Why can’t I be craving fruits or veggies, like when I was pregnant with Madeline!? At least then my weight gain wouldn’t seem so belligerent. The only go-to, healthy choices in my repertoire right now are watermelon, pickles and kalamata olives.

I know the solution is to not keep crap in the house, but that is easier said than done, especially as I have such a loving (read: co-conspiring) husband who hears my sweet/salty “need” of the moment and makes it happen by that night. I’ve been trying to keep my actual meals healthy and smaller, so that when I inevitably gorge myself on garbage my daily caloric intake doesn’t skyrocket. All I can say is, it’s a good thing I’m taking prenatal vitamins…

Do you have a healthy, low maintenance snack idea that actually seem like a treat you’d be willing to share? Sweet or salty. I’m not picky.

feeling the baby move for the first time.

I’m 16 weeks pregnant today. For dinner, I ate a huge salad- a spring mix, cucumber, tomato, sliced almonds, shredded mozzarella, hard-boiled egg and a homemade balsamic dressing. It was delicious. I guess our baby thought so too, because just now I felt him for the first time, for sure. It felt like someone was lightly flicking me from the inside, way down low in my abdomen.

After seeing all the rolling around, punching and kicking BBW2.0 (Baby Wilhelm 2.0) was doing at my 15 week ultrasound, I know that my days of these sweet, gentle reminders are numbered. Soon (as if my growing belly wasn’t reminder enough), I’ll be internally bombarded by my growing knock-em-sock-em robot. And if he’s anything like his sister, I’ll have his twice daily hiccups to look forward to, as well. It’s all coming back to me- the good and the bad. But today, I’m just focusing on how good it is. Sweet baby boy.

DIY garage makeover: three rooms for the price of one!

Project “Make Way For Baby (#2)” has been in full swing here in the Wilhelm household. Call it me being a crazy, over-achieving organizer, call it me nesting a lot early or just call it awesome (I’ll take two of those as definite compliments). In any case, there is now a room in our house called “the baby’s room”!

This room used to be the office/chess room/awards showroom/Army room (read: place where we stored 70% of Andy’s Army crap). No longer, my friends. Computer desk and chair, chess table and chairs = sold. Computer = pending being wiped clean and sold. Awards and memorabilia = moved to the guest room closet (which also received a clean out). But none of this would have ever come to fruition without the design-on-a-dime stroke of genius I had while laying awake one night with insomnia: we redo the garage, eliminate our storage room and create a full Army closet, thus taking the Army out of both of the spare rooms permanently.

A few weeks ago I Googled and Pinterested and came up with the perfect garage solution for us, utilizing the Rubbermaid FastTrack and Closet systems.

Here are the “before” shots of the garage and storage room:

Before Garage Makeover

Garage Before

Garage Closet Before

Storage Room Before

And after what would have taken just one day (had all the parts arrived at the same time) but instead took two days of (really very easy) work, the amazing result of our garage makeover:

After Garage Makeover with Rubbermaid Fast Track System

Garage After

Garage Closet After Rubbermaid Closet Solution

Storage Room (now Army Room) After

I have my darling husband to thank for all of this, because when I say “we worked hard/cleaned out/installed/lifted” what I really mean is…he knocked it out of the park. I thought I was the one with the stud-finding skills (I bagged him almost nine years ago didn’t I?), but boy does that man have a way with studs and screws and drills and levels and ladders and muscles.

New garage, new Army Room and new baby room = complete!