high and tight.

Over the weekend, Andrew asked me to cut his hair. You should know that I’ve never cut anyone’s hair in my life, with the exception of one time previously, when Andrew bought a set of clippers at Costco and asked me to start cutting his hair for work. The single haircut he received from me, while sitting in our bathtub draped in towels, was so unique (read: botched), it left him scarred (emotionally) and left the clippers unused and lonely in the bathroom drawer for the last three years. So imagine my surprise at his latest request.

His reasoning was that although his barber, Lee, does a nice job and even gives him a little back rub at the end of every cut, his price tag is steep for the tri-monthly event. At this point, me becoming proficient with clippers could save us upwards of $35 a month. That’s two more pizza nights a month, folks! And you know how I feel about a night off from cooking… So I agreed to try, with one caveat: you get what you get and you don’t get upset. If I messed it up, I couldn’t be held responsible. He told me to watch a YouTube video, but I figured I’ve watched him get the vacuum haircut at the PX a few times. That was probably all the training I’d need. He agreed.

I started buzzing away, and Andy’s confidence in me made me feel like Paul Mitchell. This was going to be the best haircut he’d ever gotten. Things were going really well until he asked for the clippers and said, “I want to try.” On his first buzz, he gauged an obvious hole right in the front. “WHAT THE HECK!? THAT WAS NOT ME!!” I shouted. “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!!” That was my professional opinion. “Yeah, that one’s on me. That wasn’t good,” he laughed. Being the expert stylist I am, I was able to fix/conceal his grave error.

Here are the results, of which I am extremely proud:

Right side fadeBack fadeLeft side fade

I even passed the work test! Not one person made fun of his hair on Monday, which means I’m amazing at cutting hair and people should pay me and I just won myself a date with my husband’s head and a pair of clippers in the bathroom every Sunday night. How romantic! Why do I feel like I just got tricked?

Can anyone share any best practices for cutting men’s hair? Even experts need advice…

daddy’s in the woods.

Above is a CBS News piece on the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. The brigade is training for missions involving chemical weapons in the hands of an enemy.

This is our unit. These are our guys. Panthers. And I’m definitely feeling hooah after watching them! I’m proud of them. Proud of their expertise, their discipline and their training. But I’m also feeling a little bit shell shocked.

Andrew has been away at training for more weeks than he’s been home this summer. “Daddy’s in the woods,” I tell Madeline (a phrase borrowed from another Army family). And I think, sometimes, that’s what I let myself believe, too. I picture Andrew laying in his mosquito net on the ground in the dark, eating a wheat snack bread from his MRE. But I never picture the actual training. I suppose I don’t have a detailed enough frame of reference. I just know the basics. Jump into the box. Seize the airfield. Set up a TOC. And then…they…are…in the woods. Etcetera.

But this video of our soldiers reminds me of how real it is. They’re not just in the woods. They’re not just training. It’s not just another field problem. Our husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, they’re readying themselves. And come October, as they assume a Global Response Force mission, they will be prepared to deploy anywhere in the world within 18 hours. They will jump into a hostile situation, should the order be given. My husband and his unit, under the command of incredibly competent and dedicated leaders, are making sure that when they go, if they go, they are ready for anything. This training will minimize mistakes. It will help them learn how to function as a team. It will help to ensure that when they go, if they go, everyone will come home.

This time apart is not for naught.

All the way!

you little lurker, you.

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