Assuming Command: Alpha Troop 5-73 CAV

So much of Andrew’s career in the Army feels like it has been leading up to this, but it never felt real or attainable until he grabbed onto that guidon last week. Or maybe it was when the Blackberry woke us up that first night at 12:30AM, and Andrew got up to go in to work. Command is a family affair. And for better or for worse (maybe a little bit of both?), our lives have been changed!

One week ago, Andrew took command of Alpha Troop, 5-73CAV. We had a gorgeous (albeit hot) day for the outdoor Change of Command. And following the ceremony, Andrew and I hosted a reception for our entire troop. It was a momentous day for Andrew and for our family, one we won’t soon forget.

Alpha Troop 5-73CAV

Alpha Troop looking picture perfect!

National Anthem

Madeline sticking close to her Daddy during the National Anthem.

Passing the guidon

No turning back- guidon in hand!

Alpha Troop 5-73 Change of Command

Madeline accepting her welcome rose.

Change of Command

Partners in crime.

Alpha Troop Commander

Andrew delivering his speech.





Shadow Troop Cake

Shadow By God Cake!

The Wilhelm Family

Our family.

We’re so proud and privileged to serve with Alpha Troop for the next few years. Shadow by God!

tradition, at it’s finest.

If I’ve learned one thing about the military, it’s that they know how to do “tradition.”

Every evening, at 1645, a bugle call is pumped through the loudspeakers on post, warning, “End of the day coming up; get ready!” At 1655, another call, “It’s really coming! Make sure you’ve got your cap on and are prepared to stop.” At 1700, the bugle calls Retreat, signaling the end of the official day, and then To The Colors, as the flag is lowered.

At 1700, all soldiers stop, face the flag in the position of attention and salute as the flag is lowered. On a Saturday in civilian clothes at the dog park, a soldier will snap to attention for that five o’clock call. On our block, my friends (fellow MilSpouses) and I pause on our walk home from the park and face our strollers toward the setting sun. Our conversations quickly trail off and our children stop running and screaming for that brief moment to “say goodnight to the flag.”

This video brought a smile to my face this morning. A few years ago, Robin Williams was on tour in Kuwait, performing for deployed troops around Christmastime. What happened? Tradition at it’s finest!

awareness: the US service member’s guide to academic programs and aid.

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