1. If I could be on any reality TV show, I’d want to be on The Amazing Race. Traveling the world with Andy.

2. This past Thanksgiving was tasty. My favorite dish was the green bean casserole (that I made).

3. I’m looking forward to December because we’re going to New York for 10 days to spend time with my family!

4. One thing I’d like to accomplish this month is baking some delicious treats- cookies, breads, anything really. It’s been too long.

5. To me, winter is a time to hunker down.


1. Freedom is a privilege.

2. Veterans are to be thanked.

3. This country is my home.

4. Veteran’s Day means a day to remember those who have given of themselves to protect our freedoms.

5. A hero is a soldier.

Happy Veteran’s Day. Today I’m personally thankful to Andrew Wilhelm, the E-2 Brewdogs Class of ’08 and the men of 1-8 Infantry!


1. The best part of October was going to the pumpkin patch with a few couple friends. In addition to the patch, there was an awesome corn maze, which took an hour and a half to traverse. Plus delicious sweet corn and cider at the end! 

The other best part of October? The birth of my newest nephew, Joseph Oliver!

2. The worst part of October was that I skipped the gym for a week and now I’m struggling to get back on the wagon.

3. For Halloween, I’ll be a witch.

4. I hope that in November I finish my scarf that I’ve been knitting, I get to hold Joey and Sammy a ton at Thanksgiving and I eat so much that I pop a button during Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Wifey has posted MilSpouse Secret Santa

. I  will most definitely be participating. It’s my first one!