the pumpkin patch.

On Friday, we drove up to Hill Ridge Farms to pick out our pumpkins for Halloween. It was over two hours away from Fort Bragg, but we had planned a trip up to Trader Joe’s to stock up on wine/chocolate/pumpkin butter/other delicious things you can only get at TJ’s and wanted to make a day of our trip up north. Apparently Hill Ridge is the place to go for pumpkins if you’re in the Raleigh/Wake Forrest area.

After closer to two and a half hours in the car (traffic and a stop at Chick Fil A slowed us down), we were saying things like, “This place had better be worth it!” and “Watch- they’ll be closed or have no pumpkins left!” But upon arrival, we quickly checked our pessimism at the silo. Hill Ridge Farms did not disappoint.

For $20, we were treated to farm animals, playgrounds, a hay bale maze, a huge tube slide, a corn house (like a sandbox but all corn kernels), a hay ride, two pumpkins and some amazing memories. Madeline had the best time, running from one activity to the next. The whole experience was exactly her speed. There was so much that we didn’t take advantage of because Maddie was a bit too young, like pony rides, a moon bounce and gemstone panning. Next year at Hill Ridge promises even more fun with our little chicken!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a selection of my favorite photos from our time at the pumpkin patch. I’ll say it once, I’ll say it a thousand times- HAPPY FALL, Y’ALL!

Madeline romping in the pumpkin patch
Looking for her perfect pumpkin.
Madeline smiling with pumpkins
The cutest punkin in the patch!
Maddie and Mommy with pumpkins
Shy guy.
Mommy and Maddie looking at a pumpkin
Mommy and Maddie
Daddy holding tired Maddie at the pumpkin patch
Tuckered out.
Maddie on Daddy's knee at the pumpkin patch
Daddy and Maddie
Maddie on Daddy's shoulders at the pumpkin patch
Can you tell he’s her favorite?
Maddie sitting with her pumpkin
It’s the great pumpkin!
Madeline waving with her pumpkin
A couple of punkins in the patch!
Happy baby with her pumpkin
My favorite- the giddy pony and her pumpkin!

And for reading this far…a bonus clip of me and Madeline on the big tube slide! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

knock, knock. who’s there? BOO!

Last night, at around eight o’clock, there was a loud knocking at the door. The dogs went bonkers, and I ran to help Andrew put them into their crates. By the time Andy got the door open, there was no one there, but a glowing bag sat on our doorstep.

“I’m not getting it. What if it’s poo?” he said, looking back at me.

“It’s not poo! We got Booed!!!” I exclaimed, pushing past him and snatching up the bag.

We've Been Booed!
We got Booed with candy treats, chocolate coins, glitter pencils and a little stuffed guy for Maddie!

An anonymous neighbor had dropped off a bag of goodies for our family, when we least expected it. It was the perfect start to the week. And now we get to Boo two of our neighbors sometime in the next two days. I’m not great at being sneaky, though. I get nervous. So I think I’ll make our Boos, and then have Andy ding-dong-ditch for us. Lookout, neighbors! You could be next!

Do you celebrate this tradition in your neighborhood or with friends or office mates? If not, maybe you should. Booing is fun, festive and everyone loves it! Well, except the people in my last office. They hated it. Didn’t see the point. Didn’t want the candy. Didn’t want the “hassle” of putting together a Boo for someone else. But they were in sales, and we’ll just call them the exception to the rule, here.

Booing is my favorite way to ring in a spooky Halloween. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and…



1. The best part of October was going to the pumpkin patch with a few couple friends. In addition to the patch, there was an awesome corn maze, which took an hour and a half to traverse. Plus delicious sweet corn and cider at the end! 

The other best part of October? The birth of my newest nephew, Joseph Oliver!

2. The worst part of October was that I skipped the gym for a week and now I’m struggling to get back on the wagon.

3. For Halloween, I’ll be a witch.

4. I hope that in November I finish my scarf that I’ve been knitting, I get to hold Joey and Sammy a ton at Thanksgiving and I eat so much that I pop a button during Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Wifey has posted MilSpouse Secret Santa

. I  will most definitely be participating. It’s my first one!