lookout, Katniss! one year old hunts well beyond her years.

Madeline's First Easter Egg Hunt Madeline volunteered as tribute in her first Easter egg hunt last week, hosted by our FRG at Wilson Lake on post. She started in the “One and Under” age group, but based on her hunting skills, I think we should have put little Katniss Everdeen in the “2-3” age group! You’d think she’d hunted before- or that we’d at least told her what to do. But no. She needed no guidance. She had it all figured out before the word “Go!” Within in mere moments, she had spotted, collected and pocketed her first egg. She was able to snatch up nine more before the hunt was over. Her treasures included a necklace, a ring, a bouncy ball, three sticky hands and a few treats. She was beyond thrilled. It was amazing/surreal to see our little girl really “get it” – the egg hunt, Easter, holidays. Things are about to get really fun…FRG Easter Egg HuntMadeline with Easter EggsOne Year Old with Easter BasketThe Wilhelms at the Easter Egg Hunt

he’s going the distance.

My husband is a stud. There I said it. What now, you ask? Oh nothing really…he just completed a marathon this weekend!!!!
Tobacco Road MarathonIf you had asked me during the train up (you know- all those Saturdays when Andrew was gone for 2-4 hours at a time on long runs) if I was a fan of “the marathon,” I would have given you this answer: No. But on Sunday morning, I found a new and very great appreciation for people who put their minds and bodies through the exertion of a marathon. Watching each runner cross the finish line- exhausted but elated, broken but so high- was nothing short of awe inspiring.

And then I saw my husband cross with his two fellow paratroopers, and I about burst into a thousand pieces of proud. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I was waving my sign high. Tears welled in the corners of my eyes. I watched him shake the hand of his brigade commander, then find us in the crowd. “I am so proud of you,” I told him as I threw my arms around him. “It was harder than I thought it would be,” he said. I kissed his salty lips and smiled.
26.2 miles My husband ran 26.2 miles. The Tobacco Road Marathon. The bar has been set.Andrew's First (and last?) Marathon- Tobacco Road Marathon, North Carolina

The farthest I’ve ever run is 5K. What is your greatest distance? Are you a marathon maniac?

why I buy on consignment and why you should, too.

Radioflyer Pink Trike, Bench, WagonCheck out most of our Hugs and Kisses haul! Above find my favorite finds- The Pink Radioflyer Tricycle, a hand painted bench/step stool for the bathroom and a pink doll wagon, that Madeline can fit in, too!

Child Safety Gear

Some baby-proofing gear- girl is getting into everything lately!

Sink Reacher

A faucet extender, so my tiny tot can read the sink to wash her hands.

18-24 Month Summer Clothes

A few Old Navy tank tops and a pair of shorts to round out Maddie’s 18-24 month wardrobe going into spring and summer.

2T Dresses

Maddie never needs new dresses (since she has been given so many), but I couldn’t help adding a few more to her 2T wardrobe- Unknown, Polo, Ralph Lauren, and Old Navy.

2T Shirts

2T Shirts from Gap, Old Navy and Carters.

2T Pants

2T Pants from Carters, Old Navy, Jordache and Garanimals.

Baby Shoes 5 and 6

I killed in shoes. These shoes bought new would have been over $100.
Back Row (Size 6): Crocs (like new), Converse, Childrens Place
Front Row (Size 5): NWT Keens, Saucony, Stride Rite

Time Spent: 4.5 hours
Estimated Cost New: $400
Total Spent: $169 (this includes tax, which why do they tax you on people’s used items that they have already been taxed on??)
Total Earned Back From My Consigned Item Sales: $28

Crushed it. Can’t wait for the fall sale!