the most awesome/nasty way to unclog your drain.

Remember when I told you about my drain unclogging shenanigans? The time I tried to use baking soda to unclog what I believed was a large wad of hair from my tub drain? Remember how it didn’t work? Well one of you suggested I try something called a Zip-It, and I figured, “Why not? It’s not like I’m dying to pour toxic, hair-eating chemicals down my drain anyway.” So I tried it.

It’s totally awesome/totally nasty, all rolled into a totally inexpensive (less than $5 shipped) little gadget. Meet the Zip-It aka my new best friend! Zip-It drain unclogging toolAll you have to do is force this little gadget down your drain, then yank it back up. As you retrieve it, the teeth of the Zip-It snag any sludge that is blocking the way of the drain. My sludge was epic, if I do say so myself. Pregnancy+hypothyroidism=HURR LOSS.Zip-It Drain Tool

Do me a favor. Buy yourself a Zip-It and stick it under your sink so that the next time you forget to replace your plastic hair catcher and you’re standing in 2 inches of water in the tub OR your bathroom sink backs up because all of your hair just happens to fly down the drain every time you blow dry your hair…you’re covered. No Drain-o necessary. Just a little plastic magic wand and some elbow grease! (And then send me a photo of your nasty sludge.) Thank you. You’re welcome.

rainy day fun: pudding paint in the tub!

Pudding PaintsI’m gonna go out on a limb here and choose something we’ve only used once, so far. It was that fun, and I wanted to make sure I tell you guys about it.

On Monday, after Madeline had been sick with a stomach virus the night before, we had a low key kind of morning. We skipped Story Time at the library, but I spent a majority of the morning reading books to Maddie. That novelty eventually wore off, after about 30 books. We needing something else to do. Something that would take up just enough time to bring us to nap. I remembered my friend posting on Facebook about bathtub painting, and I knew it would be perfect. We had the supplies, and I wanted to bathe Madeline again anyway.

This was quite possibly the easiest set up for an “art project.” I just mixed on packet of vanilla pudding with enough water to give a paint-like consistency. I separated it into four dishes, added food coloring, stirred and dropped in a few paint brushes. I took the paints and Madeline up to the bathtub, stripped her down to her diaper, plopped her in and let her have at it!

Her first instinct was, of course, to taste. This was absolutely fine since the paints were made of food anyway, but I discouraged her for future reference with real paints.Painting with puddingShe then spent at least 20 minutes exploring the paints, mixing colors, painting her hands and feet and the walls. The paints stuck to the walls and bottom of the tub really well. The colors were vibrant, but didn’t stain the tub or Maddie’s skin!Pudding Paint in the bathtubClean up was an absolute breeze. I just pulled off her diaper, turned on the faucet and Madeline spent another ten minutes rinsing out all the bowls and brushes.Washing pudding paint down the drainPudding PaintingsWhen she was finished, I gave the tub and Maddie’s hands and feet a quick wipe down with a wash cloth and filled up the tub for a bath aka another 15 minutes of fun!

Pudding paint is our new go-to rainy day activity. I don’t know how we lived this long without it!

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rockabye baby in the comfiest nursery chair ever!

Little Castle Cottage Recliner for Baby's NurseryWhen choosing a chair for Madeline’s nursery, we knew we wanted something cozy, but most importantly versatile. We wanted this particular piece of furniture to last through all of our rockabye babies and then to transition into a cozy reading chair far into their futures.

Enter: Little Castle’s Cottage Recliner.

Our chair, customized in the Charcoal Riviera fabric, is absolutely beautiful! It is chic, with clean lines and is very well made. It is also the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in (Andrew and I usually fight over who gets to spend time sitting in it each night during the bedtime routine). The back is so cushiony, but still firm and supportive (great for nursing or bottle-feeding your baby). The chair glides, which is ideal for rocking baby right to sleep after eating. And once baby is asleep, you can slip your hand down to the hidden lever to recline almost flat for a nice nap of your own (they tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps)! This is the only chair I would ever want in our nursery.

I will say, I was quite wary of ordering a customized (non-returnable) piece of furniture online, but this product was well worth the risk and the wait. We custom ordered ours here.

We can’t live without our Little Castle Cottage Recliner!

On Wednesdays, I share the things we can’t live without. Make sure to come back and check them out!