Treat Yo Self: Styled by Stitch Fix

Stich Fix PackageA wise comedic television show once taught me a very valuable lesson: Treat. Yo. Self.

Treat. Yo. Self

These sage words are not to be undervalued. There is great joy in the material splurge, and I am a person worthy of nice things. Naturally, that combination brought me to Stitch Fix, an awesome virtual service that pairs you up with your very own personal stylist.

How does it work? You create an account on the Stitch Fix website, fill in notes about yourself, link to your fashion Pinterest page (so they get an idea of your style), set your price points and then sit back and relax. Your stylist will then hand-select five items of clothing or accessories and ship them directly to you, either bi-weekly, monthly or on a date of your choosing (non-automatic shipments are available). In the privacy of your own home and with the rest of your wardrobe to match the garments up with (using their style cards as a reference), you try on the items and check yourself out. If you decide keep nothing, you send it all back in their prepaid envelope and are charged a $20 styling fee. If you decide to keep at least one item, that “fee” gets put toward the cost of your item. If you decide to really treat yo self and keep all five items, you get 25% off your fix!

My First Fix — I specifically requested summer tops, a jean jacket and a summer dress in my notes. I also told my stylist what my summer capsule wardrobe currently contains (i.e. the colors of my shorts, dresses, etc.).

Stitch Fix Unboxing

The note from my stylist!

The note from my stylist!

1. Loveapella Leana Knit Top – $48
Loveappella Leana Knit TopPro: Love the colors, nice thick fabric
Con: Panels hit me straight across bust, making me look boxy; panel sewn in the sides made me feel wide; too clingy for my 6-month post-baby bod
The Verdict: Return!

2. Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top – $48
Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman TopPro: I wouldn’t have picked this out for myself, but the fit was cute; liked the neckline and length
Con: The color(heather gray)/feel of the fabric cheapened the look way too much (especially up close)
The Verdict: Return!

3. Mavi Kalie Bleach Denim Jacket – $98
Mavi Kalie Bleached Denim JacketPro: Feel of material – soft and a little stretchy
Con: Don’t prefer a light wash; fit wasn’t great (arms too long, shorter than I’d like on torsoe and a tiny bit snug)
The Verdict: Return!

4. Dahlya Carmen Blouse – $48

Dahlya Carmen Blouse

Couldn’t get a decent photo of this top, so here is the styling card they sent.

Pro:Fit was okay and was forgiving of my mid-section; I like navy and white for summer
Con: Material felt cheap; see-through; didn’t seem like it would hold up past one season of wear
The Verdict: Return!

5. Zad Adrianna Circle Bib Necklace – $34
Zad Adrianna Circle Bib NecklacePro: This isn’t something I would have picked out myself; could instantly see it working with my wardrobe (paired with with my navy, collared blouse, my black strapless dress and even a plain white tee)
Con: None
The Verdict: Treat yo self!

Is it worth it? Only basing this on my first fix, for the money I felt like the quality could have been a bit higher. A couple of the tops looked and felt a little too Target. I know I could do better on sale at J. Crew or Boden. While I did like some of the options, since I didn’t love them (a few fit problems) I didn’t keep them. My goal is to keep my wardrobe capsule minimalist- things I love wearing, that look great on and are versatile. However, I really appreciated the care my stylist took with matching pieces to what I already have; her attention to detail was inspiring. Me? I’ll definitely be getting another fix. It made me feel super fancy, it was fun (even my neighbors were looking out for the postman for me) and for just $20 a fix (minimum) I want to see what my stylist picks out next (now that she knows me a little better)!

Ready to treat yo self? Visit Stitch Fix to fill out your own style profile. Go ahead. You deserve it!

*FYI: I have not been compensated by Stitch Fix for this review. These opinions are my own.

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