Homeschool Lesson Plan: Eggs and Nests

*Lesson is appropriate for children ages 3-8 (tailored for my three children ages 3, 5 and 7).


Read Aloud:



  • Counting Bird Activity Set – This is an awesome FREE resource I found, from Life, Abundantly. Print and cut out ahead of time or have kids help cut out. I laminated ours for future use.
    • 7 year old: Rolling dice and multiplying them using groups of eggs in the nest. Picking a numbered egg and using anywhere from 2-4 eggs that add up to that number.
    • 5 year old: Lining up eggs and counting them. Rolling two dice and adding the total of those dice to the nest.
    • 3 year old: Lining up eggs and counting them. Rolling dice and putting that many eggs into nest.
  • Eggs In A Nest Division Worksheet (7 year old)


  • 7 year old: “If I needed to build a nest…” (Who am I? Where? What will I use?) & draw a picture of your nest.
  • 5 year old: Read and copy sight word sentence – “I see three eggs in the nest.” Draw a picture of your nest.
  • 3 year old: Trace an egg and the word “EGG” & draw a bird inside of your egg.


  • Nature hike to collect nest supplies (i.e. small twigs, straw, grass, moss).
  • Make homemade play dough, using this great recipe from Fun Learning for Kids. For a more natural look, don’t add food coloring. Let kids do all the scooping, pouring, stirring and kneading. I added cinnamon. It smells nice! And I added quite a bit of cornstarch while kneading to make the dough less sticky. It made it nice and soft.
  • Make bird nests using supplies from hike and playdough.


  • Playdough
  • Plastic easter eggs with corresponding colored counting bears
  • Books – spring themed


  1. THANK YOU ALLISON! Requested the free egg printables & am excited to do some of this tomorrow with my kids. Did you share a pic of how your nest turned out? Did your kinds end up balling up coin sized chunks of playdough to stick the twigs together or did they roll out one big sheet like you pictured and used that as a base layer of “glue”?

    • I don’t think I shared a picture of a fully formed nest, but they turned out pretty okay! We tried balling it up and using it like little patches but that didn’t work as well. Too soft. Ultimately we ended up making playdough bowls and then building up from there, using a log cabin method. 🙂 Good luck!! Share a pic on my Facebook page if you end up making them!

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