The Perfect Handmade Gift For Anyone On Your Christmas List!

Handmade Christmas CoatersMadeline is only in her first year of preschool, so I am still a total rookie when it comes to parenting a school-aged child. It’s December, and I’m still calling it a win if we’re in the car at 8:40AM with shoes and coats on. So when the “Teacher Profile” notice was sent home in Maddie’s cubby a week ago, I paused. “Teacher profile?” I wondered aloud. I read on, “Likes purple. Loves dark chocolate. Has too many mugs. Monogram initials are…” We’re really getting personal now! ::lightbulb:: Oh, this is about Christmas gifting… This could be a whole other post in itself — Teacher Profiles: Tacky or Helpful? But I digress. Message received, Class Mom (at least I’m hoping it was the class mom who distributed this). It’s time to start thinking about ways to show our gratitude to the wonderful people in our lives.

The next day, as I sat in the parking lot of the school waiting for pick-up, I beat my head against the steering wheel for a few minutes before heading to the land of “I thought of it first and perfected it so you don’t have to waste your time.” Say it with me…PINTEREST!! And I found what I think is quite the clever little Christmas gift.

This year (and maybe every year from now on?!?) Madeline will be gifting her teachers handmade Christmas coasters — fun and festive, sweet and simple! I followed this perfect tutorial and finished four sets of coasters over the course of three nap times. It is such a low maintenance project — all you really need is time to let the mod podge, sealer and glue dry! But what I really love about the project is that it can be repeated for all seasons/occasions for DIRT CHEAP, now that I’ve got everything I need. Tiles are just 16 cents at Home Depot! A sheet of stiff felt is 99 cents at the Hob Lob! And who doesn’t have a lifetime supply of scrapbook paper at the ready?
DIY Christmas Coasters

Pair your coasters with a Starbucks gift card and you’ve got the gift for the person on your list who already has everything! Pair them with a bottle of wine and you’ve got a great hostess gift! Pair them with some customized photo mugs and you’ve got a lovely gift for the grandparents! Or pair coasters with handmade hand warmers and you’ve got Madeline’s teacher gifts (Surprise, Mrs. O and Ms. H!).
Festive DIY Holiday Coasters

There are only 11 days left until Christmas. I think you’d best get to crafting!

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