What Pre-Deployment Looked Like For Our Army Family

The morning he deployedPre-deployment was a painful but also really lovely time for our family. We put so much effort into making Andrew’s last days home fun and memory-filled (especially for Madeline), that they ended up being some of our best days yet. There were dance parties, snuggles, late bedtimes, tons of kisses, favorite foods, too many desserts, geography lessons, extra bedtime stories, tickle fights and daddy/daughter dates, plus quiet whispers in the dark, tears, hand-holding, I-love-yous and lots of photos and videos.Daddy and littlesDaddy and BabiesCrazy kids and DaddyThe impending deployment forced our family to focus inward during what could normally be a very frazzled, stressful and isolating time. And even though, today, we’re minus one here at home, we’re definitely stronger than ever.
The Wilhelm Family

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