The Best Big Sister Gift Ever!

The Best Big Sister Gift EverWhen our new baby is born, he has plans to present Madeline with a generous big sibling gift (purchased in advance by yours truly), to say “thanks for letting me be born into your limelight!” The theme of his gift to her is Too Busy To Be Jealous with a touch of Just For Funzies thrown in. It’s very thoughtful of him, if you ask me — showering his older sister with personalized trinkets to make her feel happy and loved in a time when all eyes will be on him.

Madeline’s Big Sister Gift:

  • Big Sister Shirt — A long sleeved tee, in her favorite color (purple) proclaiming Madeline the “best sister ever.” This will make for some super sweet photo opps. (Nana picked this out for Maddie-girl.)
  • Kid Made Modern Wooden Bead and Fuzzy Sticks Kit — I found this kit at Target (no longer available) in the arts and crafts aisle. I picture Madeline sitting down with her grandparents for some sure-to-be-coveted one-on-one time and creating some beautiful jewelry!
  • Frozen Color Wonder Pad — I picked up a mini Color Wonder pad (similar here) in the Dollar Spot at Target to add to the big sib gift. A mess-free, one-player pass-time? Yes, please.
  • Melissa and Doug Happy Handle Stamp Set — Weekly trips to story time at the library have treated us to not only songs, books and bubbles, but to a weekly hand stamp. This is Madeline’s favorite part. Well, can’t have too much of a good thing, I say. So she’ll be bringing home a whole stamper kit to cover our walls hands in.
  • Woodland Animal Sticker Book — Much like hand stamps, you can’t go wrong with stickers in our house. Found this in the Dollar Spot at Target.
  • You & Me Doll Playard — Little Mommy Madeline’s baby dolls have been taking turns in the baby’s swing and bouncy seat lately. So I figured they needed a nice place to nap when her brother is occupying their spot. This (purple) doll pack-n-play will be perfect for them. Plus, can you just imagine Granddad trying to set up the pint-sized version of the real thing for her!? I’m hoping for video…
  • Dress Up Shoes — A big sister should feel like a big girl and what big girl doesn’t like to wear heels? I purchased Madeline’s first plastic pair in the Dollar Spot at Target (similar here). High fashion over here, I’ll tell you what…

Did your new baby come bearing big sib gifts? What was the biggest hit with your older kiddos?


  1. Sherrie Smitley says:

    Great post, lucky big sister and lucky little guy. He missed his chance this week meeting me. However, I can “crash” a party anytime. Hope he arrives today….Daddy is ready, right?


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