Ultimate Baby Registry: 11 Baby-Care Products Every New Mom Needs

Ultimate Baby Registry- 11 Baby-Care Products Every New Mom NeedsThese baby-care must-haves need to be on your baby registry. Just click on photos and/or product names to find out where to purchase. FYI: I have not been compensated by any of the brands endorsed below. These are my own recommendations, baby-tested and mom-approved.

1. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Oh, gripe water, you are the unsung hero of infant parenting. Why, you ask? Well, here’s the thing — when your baby cries, you go through a mental checklist of how to help them. 1. Change their diaper. 2. Feed them. 3. Burp them — during and after their feed. If you don’t get out a burp, you probably need to pat/rub/bounce them for longer, because it’s more than likely still in there. 4. Swaddle them. 5. Soothe them to sleep. When none of these things work and your baby is still screaming with such fervor you didn’t know possible in an infant, you pull out 6. Gripe water. A syringe full of this homeopathic, sweet licorice flavored liquid can work wonders on a colicky baby. Usually moments after consuming, your child will pass gas with the vigor of a grown man. If not, they are magically distracted into relaxation and finally stop their screaming. In other words, gripe water is a life saver. Literally. Stock up.

2. Frida Bitty Bundle of Joy Originially, I just recommended the NoseFrida. Go with me on this one. Your baby’s nose is full of boogies — they can’t breathe, they can’t eat, they can’t sleep. The bulb syringe is only pulling out so much, but you just know there is more in his little sinuses that needs to come out. Enter the NoseFrida. One end into their nostril, one end into your mouth. You suck as hard as you can and nose slugs fly into the tube. All of a sudden, the baby can breathe and you breathe a sigh of relief. NOTHING reaches your mouth because there is a barrier to prevent it. And anyway, it’s not gross because you birthed this booger monster. This bundle contains the NoseFrida, the Windi (my true love for baby gas relief — for experienced parents only), a nail clipper (though I’d also recommend an LED lit nail clipper, below) and a mommy Fridet (a personal squeeze bottle for postpartum feminine care). Let go of your inhibitions and get this kit. Trust me. You’ll be glad you did. *UPDATED June 2017 – after falling in love with all Frida baby products*

3. Safety 1st Nail Clipper Save your newborn from themselves and clip their tiny claws or suffer the wrath of the scratched up baby face. If you’re too scared, mittens will buy you time. But eventually you’re going to need to bite the bullet and cut those microscopic nails. These small light-up clippers are our go-to, making it so easy to see baby’s tiny nail. Side note: I’m pretty sure every parent has cut their baby’s finger while clipping their nails. It’s like a right of passage. When I did it to Madeline, Andrew made her a baby-sized bandage out of a regular one while I held our bleeding, crying baby and cried. I think we became a family that day. *UPDATED June 2017 – after regularly clipping 60 tiny baby nails*

Emily Salve Baby and Adult Skin Soother4. Emily Salve Baby & Adult Skin Soother I’ve mentioned before how prone to eczema flare-ups my Sensitive Sally is. Well, a few things work wonders for her skin. One is Emily Salve. A little of this all-natural salve on her red, itchy patches at night and the next morning they’ve usually all but disappeared. (The other things that work? Washing all of her clothes separately with an extra wash/rinse cycle with Honest Co. detergent, bathing her less frequently and using Emily soap when we do and a prescription hydrocortisone liquid + emollient cream for when it just won’t quit.)

5. Exergen Temporal Thermometer We had an ear thermometer, but I wasn’t great at getting into the baby’s ear to take her temperature. So I picked up this temporal thermometer, like the one they had at the hospital. It’s fun to use and, when used correctly (aka don’t forget to take the cap off), it’s very accurate. We’ve pulled it out so many times “just to check” that my kids know to turn their heads while I hold it up to their forehead. #proudmom

6. Green Sprouts Cool Calm-Press When bumps and bruises start to turn up on your baby’s pristine skin (and they will, much sooner than you’d like), reach for this sweet, smiley, reusable cold pack. Boo-boos be gone!

7. Trend Lab Fleece Rail Cover Beavering – v. the act of using one’s baby teeth to gnaw through the wooden rails of one’s beautiful, expensive crib. Stop beavering before it starts with these fleece rail covers. They’re soft, they wash well, they protect your baby from mouth splinters and, most importantly, they protect your crib!

8. Dreambaby Retractable Gate Retractable baby gates are super fancy. My sister has them on her staircases, and I covet them. They’re there when you need them and gone when you don’t. Way better than tripping over a prop-up gate or having an permanent eye-sore gate, IMHO.

Safety First Grip and Go Cabinet Lock9. Safety 1st Grip and Go Cabinet I didn’t ever think I would be the mom who locked her cabinets. And then I became the mom who locked her cabinets. Why? Because it’s annoying to have to put back/rearrange your stuff all the time. Oh, and because safety first. These locks work great on our cabinet doors, and you don’t have to tighten or loosen them all the way to use. You can get them at just the right width apart so that an adult can shimmy and pull it off easily, but a child cannot.

10. Munchkin Door Knob Cover Door knob covers? I always knew I would want these. The day I heard Madeline push the bathroom door closed and start messing with the lock inside I ran out and picked these up. We keep ours on the inside of doors, so that the littles can’t lock themselves in or, in the case of their rooms, so that they can’t get out by themselves. When we switch them to big kid beds, we lock them in their rooms. There I said it. Contain the destruction. Once they starts potty training, we lose the handle cover and maybe the door handle and probably our sanity all together (here’s looking at you, Benjamin). Note: Some adults find these hard to use, but once you get the hang of them (just slip your fingers through the holes to grip the handle and turn), you’ll be out of that bathroom in no time!

11. Outlet Plugs You never really think babies will do a lot of the dumb things they do to experiment and learn, but they do. Turns out they play with power cords, unplug things and try to put their little fingers into outlets. Save yourself some stress and plug them all up.

Hey, moms and dads! Tell me…what are your baby-care must-haves?? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and I’ll compile them all into my Ultimate Baby Registry: You Can’t Live Without It! post! XOXO, Allison

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