Nine Baby Accessories Every New Mom Needs

Ultimate Baby Registry- 9 Baby Accessories Every New Mom NeedsThese must-have baby accessories need to be on your baby registry. Just click on photos and/or product names to find out where to purchase. FYI: I have not been compensated by any of the brands endorsed below. These are my own recommendations, baby-tested and mom-approved.

1. Semikolon Save Box Since I’m a saver, but not necessarily a shadow-box-maker kinda mom, I picked up this box to this to store all of the trinkets (hospital bracelets, teeny tiny blood pressure cuff, bassinet name plate) and congratulatory cards from Madeline’s birth in. It is super nice quality, sturdy and comes in a ton of sweet colors!

2. Playskool Glowworm Oh, Glowworm, you cute, weird, little light-up, lullaby-playing worm! You are the master of distraction, saving us from many a dramatic diaper change and carride. And the staying power on you!? More than two years later and Madeline still lulls herself into a glowing trance with your tunes. We love you and don’t know what we’d do without you!

3. JellyCats Hands down, these are the most adorable, softest stuffed animals ever. Once you go JellyCat, you’ll never go back. Madeline’s favorites are from the Bashful collection (Lamby, Puppy and Bunny). Benjamin has collection of his own, which include his Bartholomew Bear and Bashful Donkey. Margaret loves her Bashful Elephant. *UPDATED June 2017 – after five years of washing, drying, loving and snugging Jellycats*

4. Pat The Bunny Put your little baby’s brain and hands to work at an early age (I’m talking 2-3 months) with this timeless classic. You’ll be stunned to see how quickly they master each page!

5. Soft Crinkle Books Soft cloth books that crinkle are a little baby’s best friend. They’re great in the car and great in the crib for buying a few minutes of crinkly peace!

6. I Am A Bunny One of my childhood favorites, I am a Bunny should be a staple in any child’s library. Engaging illustrations by Richard Scarry easily keep baby’s attention. Plus, there are so many adorable things to point out on each page — “Where’s Nicholas?” We’ve been reading it for years and it still hasn’t gotten old. Highly recommend.

7. miYim Stroller Toys Anything by miYim is adorable. They’re made from organic cotton and plant and mineral dyes, so you can really feel good about giving them to your child to bat at and chomp on. We have three of the stroller toys — the look and their little musical chimes are fun without being obnoxious (a fine line when it comes to baby entertainment).

8. Manhattan Toys Toys that help both refine motor-skills and satisfy a need to put things into the mouth are a gem. Manhattan Toys kills in this category. Another favorite: this.

9. Ride-On Push Toys Ride-on toys that double as push toys are great for babies learning how to cruise and walk. They’re ideal for building up those little leg muscles and for building up your baby’s confidence!

Hey, moms and dads! Tell me…what are your must-have baby accessories?? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and I’ll compile them all into my Ultimate Baby Registry: You Can’t Live Without It! post! XOXO, Allison

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