Ultimate Baby Registry: 14 On-The-Go Baby Products Every New Mom Needs

Ultimate Baby Registry- 14 On-The-Go Baby Products Every New Mom NeedsThese on-the-move must-haves need to be on your baby registry. Just click on photos and/or product names to find out where to purchase. FYI: I have not been compensated by any of the brands endorsed below. These are my own recommendations, baby-tested and mom-approved.

Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Carseat1. Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat I originally decided on a Maxi Cosi infant car seat after choosing a stroller (a Quinny– more on this later), but I quickly grew to love this brand for all it has to offer. This carseat is a seriously lightweight, rear-facing, 5-point harness infant seat, available in tons of beautiful, chic fabrics. It is the most aesthetically appealing car seat I’ve come across that still maintains safety standards. We chose ours in gray to go with the interior of my car, to be gender neutral and to mask stains. Maxi-Cosi stroller adapters are currently available from the following manufacturers: Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Bumbleride, iCandy, Jeep, Maclaren, Mamas & Papas, Micralite, Mountain Buggy, Phil & Teds, Quinny, Stokke, UPPAbaby and Valco Baby.

Carseat Canopy2. Carseat Canopy We didn’t need anything like this for our summer baby (a lightweight cotton blanket always worked great to block the sun), but our winter baby needs something a bit more substantial to keep out the chill. I thought about a JJ Cole Bundle Me, but after holding one in my hands at the last consignment sale I wasn’t that impressed with the quality for the cost. Plus I don’t want to risk the baby getting too hot. Then my friend told me about her new Carseat Canopy. At first I couldn’t believe Carseat Canopy was legit. With a special coupon code, I was able to order my gray and white chevron/minky canopy for just the cost of shipping! When it arrived on my doorstep a week or so later, I was convinced. This is a quality, warm carseat cover, one that I’d happily purchase over making myself any day! You can get the same deal I scored (a $50 value) on your very own Carseat Canopy using this unique coupon code: 66E8D0 (*offer only valid for the first ten people to use the code).

Brica Baby In-Sight Mirror3. Brica Baby In Sight Mirror When your baby is rear-facing, this little mirror, hooked to a backseat headrest, saves you from craning your neck/turning around trying to see why the baby is crying/find the pacifier/confirm he’s sleeping (wishful thinking). You just look into your rear-view mirror at the reflection in this mirror and all of the mystery is gone. Take it for what it is — a very simple and safe solution to parent paranoia.

Maxi Cosi Pria 70 with Tiny Fit4. Maxi Cosi Pria 70 After falling in love with our Maxi Cosi infant carseat, I knew I wanted to stay with the brand for our convertible carseat. What I didn’t realize is how soon I would want this! At four months old, we moved our little nugget, Madeline, to the Pria 70 — a desperate attempt to get her to stop screaming every time I had driven for 30 seconds or more (note: not all babies are like this; some ride in their infant carriers until they’re a year old). Wouldn’t you know, it worked. This comfy, cushy, cozy convertible carseat was the answer to our prayers. Madeline has been rear-facing in it for over a year and a half — first in the TinyFit system (for smaller babies) and now in the regular seat. Besides inducing baby happiness, my favorite features are the different levels of seat recline, the built in cup holder, the removable cover for washing and the easily adjustable headrest and harness. Definitely register for your convertible carseat because even if you don’t receive it as a gift, the completion discount will make a huge dent in the cost!

Diono Travel Pal Car Storage5. Diono Travel Pal Car Storage Once Madeline started to get a little older, she required much more stimulation during car rides. The amount of stuff I was keeping in the back seat to keep her occupied was reaching new heights — literally. Then I purchased this little guy, and the piles of crap disappeared. Now it’s all (water cup, snack cup, pacifier, stuffed animal, diaper, wipes and metal lunchbox filled with small toys) contained (at arms reach from the front seat) in this caddy that we buckle into the middle to keep it from flying around. Once Maddie forward faces, I imagine she’ll get even better at helping herself (and the new baby) from the bin!

Clek Oobr Booster Car Seat6. Clek Oobr Booster Car Seat + Cupholder Even though Madeline would be fine in her Maxi Cosi Pria 70 carseat forward-facing up until 70lbs, I anticipate she’ll feel more comfortable/grown up in a fullback booster seat as time goes on (they’re recommended for use from 38-57 inches/33-100lbs, about age four and up). The Clek Oobr has an awesome, super easy rigid latch system for perfect installation every time, ensures good seat belt positioning over the shoulders and hips, has an optional 12 degree recline when latched, has a stain, moisture and bacteria resistant fabric, plus the back is removable for when your child is large enough to sit safely in a backless booster! This bad boy is definitely on my registry!

Britax B Ready7. Britax B Ready Double Stroller – I mentioned above that the first stroller we owned was a Quinny. The Quinny had and still does have a special place in my heart, and if I was going to just have one child or was going to space my children fairly far apart (4+ years) I wouldn’t hesitate to register for it. BUT it turns out that when you have kids close in age, you are going to really want a double stroller. After a brief stint with a Phil & Teds Navigator (clunkier than I would have liked), I took the plunge and got a Britax B Ready. This chic stroller starts as a single stroller and then grows with your family, with it’s optional add-on double seat below the single chair. I love this stroller for its narrowness (easily fit through any doorway), for its relatively light weight and size (I can get this in and out of the trunk of my SUV without a problem), for its foam filled tires (they’ll never get low), for its single-step brake and for its standing fold (swoon). *UPDATED January 16, 2016 – after one year, as a mom of two, using our B Ready*

Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks8. Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks Don’t know where to put your purse/diaper bag/shopping bags while you’re out strolling about? Here’s another simple solution! Attachable stroller hooks. Register for two of these.

BOB Revolution SE9. BOB Revolution SE If you plan on running/jogging with your baby, this is the absolute way to do it! Saves on babysitting and trips to the gym! It’s even great for outdoor walks on the street or trails. It’s easy to maneuver, is relatively lightweight and is rugged enough for serious fitness gurus. Once you go BOB, you’ll never go back.

Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy10. Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy When jogging with your BOB, you’re probably going to want a place to put a water bottle, your phone, your keys, your ID, some cash, tissues, a cup and a snack for the baby (there is no such thing as running light when you run with a little one). Register for this stroller caddy. It’s just as good as the BOB brand and almost half the price!

Cloud B Sleep Sheep On The Go11. Cloud B Sleep Sheep On The Go Fussy baby? One thing that worked to pacify or at least distract our baby on-the-go was white noise. This little Sleep Sheep straps on easily to your carseat or stroller, so that you can take his soothing sounds wherever you go!

Becco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier12. Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier After doing a bunch of research, I found that tons of reviewers said the Beco is a great front and back carrier for people with short torsos (better than the similar Ergo). We carried Madeline in the carrier as early as five weeks old (in the infant insert) — on hikes, at the store and even around the house during especially fussy days (mama needs to vacuum)! We love it and love the awesome fabric patterns that are available to chose from! Surely you could guess that we got a gender neutral gray, perfect for a girl or boy baby and not embarrassing for either parent to wear!

Fisher Price Ultra Lite Day and Night Playard13. Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day/Night Play Yard Having a pack-n-play is clutch for any family. Always traveling to visit family? Tote your little one’s pop-up sleep solution onto the plane or into the trunk and don’t worry about where they’ll slumber. Need to put the baby down for some play time, but don’t want to fret about her rolling/scooting/crawling away? Pop her in the pack-n-play (we even bring ours outside and cover the top with a fitted sheet to block the sun, while we garden). Originally we had this playard, and we put our Rock-N-Play into it to elevate it enough to reach the baby from our bed. But Fisher Price caught on to our dilemma and created this extremely lightweight/portable play yard with an inclined sleeper attachment. Killed two birds with one stone. *UPDATED January 16, 2016 – after one year, as a mom of two, using our Fisher Price play yard*

Graco Pack N Play Quilted Sheet14. Graco Quilted Fitted Sheet You’ll need a sheet for your pack-n-play, and I recommend registering for a quilted fitted one, to make the thin mattress pad just a bit more comfortable for baby.

Hey, moms and dads! Tell me…what are your on-the-go must-haves?? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and I’ll compile them all into my Ultimate Baby Registry: You Can’t Live Without It! post! XOXO, Allison

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  1. We got one of these for our infant seat. It’s fleece-lined on the inside and doesn’t interfere with the carseat harness mechanism. It’s AWESOME!!! It was recommended to me by a carseat tech, and I can’t wait to use it with our winter baby. It’s a necessity up here on Ice Planet Hoth. http://www.target.com/p/jj-cole-car-seat-cover/-/A-13065275#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=jj+cole+car+seat+cover

  2. Ohhhh girl. Just look up the Facebook group “Car Seats for the Littles,” and you’ll meet more CPSTs (Child Passenger Safety Techs) than you can shake a stick at. They can help you with all things car seat related. They will tell you everything you’re doing wrong, they don’t sugarcoat anything, but I learned SO much from them. I plan to have a local CPST check our car seat install before the baby gets here. They’re so helpful!

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