I Recommend Falling In Love In The Fall.

Madeline is in childcare, and I’m sitting in Starbucks writing. The lunchtime bustle is pulling me away from my screen like a moth to a flame. The last person to catch my eye was a younger gal in an oversized hoodie walking out with a soldier. She joked, “Gotta put your hat on before we can go outside,” with a flirty smile on her face, as she pushed against him.

Maybe it’s the brisk weather or the hot chai I’m sipping or the fact that I haven’t seen my husband in a week and a half, but I’m having such sweet flashbacks of walking with my boyfriend down the winding sidewalks of West Point to the Hudson River. I was that flirty girl in the oversized hoodie. “Why can’t you just hold my hand while we walk?” I’d tease, anxious to get down to the water so I could feel his arms around me again. He was always so serious when he’d remind me he needed his hand to salute when outdoors. “Well then what’s your excuse in Home Depot?” I’d press. It was a place we’d only visited once together, when his roommate (who ended up leaving the academy) wanted to pick up supplies for a homemade beer bong. “Guys don’t hold hands in Home Depot, Allie.”

I miss the beginning of our autumn romance, when crunchy leaves and lattes went hand in hand with love.

my favorite picture in the whole world

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