DIY: Hair Bow & Headband Holder

After scouring Etsy for the perfect hair bow and headband holder for Madeline’s growing collection, all I came up with were a bunch of handmade wall hangers selling for upwards of $30. “I can make that for next to nothing!” I kept thinking. So a week before her birthday, I finally did it, using things I already had around the house- an old diploma frame, some spray paint, leftover ribbon bits and screw hooks. So if you’re like me, and you’re looking for a super chic, mess-less way to store and display hair accessories for your little princess, this simple one and done DIY project is the way to go!

DIY- Hair Bow and Headband Holder

1-3 hours (depending on if you paint or not)

What You Need:

  • 8 1/2 x 11 wooden frame (glass and backing removed)
  • Spray paint- primer, color and finish
  • (6) 8-10 inch long ribbons (differing widths)
  • (1) 20 inch long ribbon (for hanging)
  • Box of thumbtacks
  • Hammer
  • (8) Screw hooks
  • (1) Nail or small Command Hook (for mounting)

What You Need To Do:

DIY Hair Bow and Headband Holder

  • Prime and paint frame desired color (I chose white)- 2-3 coats should do it. Finish with a sealant (I used a clear matte finish). Note: This takes the majority of the time- you’re literally watching paint dry.
  • Once paint has completely dried, lay frame backside up on your work surface. Set ribbons face down on the frame. Using 2-4 tacks (dependent on the width of the ribbon), hammer down each ribbon onto the frame.
  • Back of Hair Bow Holder

  • Tie a small double knot at each end of your hanging ribbon. Then, still working on the backside of frame, one inch down from the top on the left and right sides, tack down your hanging ribbon at the knots.
  • Flip frame over. Along bottom lip of frame, evenly space and screw in hooks- these will hold your headbands. (Pro-tip: I recommend pre-drilling holes for your screws so that you stand less of a chance of splitting the wood. Also, wear a gardening or dish glove while screwing in the hooks to avoid major pain.)
  • Headband Hooks

  • Finally, using either a nail or a Command Hook, mount your new hair bow and headband holder onto the wall. Clip on bows and hang up headbands. Step back and admire your adorable accessories solution!

Hair Bow and Headband Holder
*Don’t forget to make this project your own! Personalize, embellish, bejewel and bedazzle. With stickers or some hot glue, you could take this piece from simple to smashing in no time!*

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