the 2014 birthday bonanza!

Last weekend was birthday weekend! Andrew turned 28 on Friday and Madeline turned two on Saturday. Back to back birthdays means a little bit of stress for me on the upfront and a lot of fun (and treats) for all for those two days!

Andrew had to work on his birthday, but I was able to whip up the super, deluxe birthday breakfast- bacon and pancakes- before sending him off for the day. When he came home that night, Madeline grabbed his hand (“Daddy walk!”) and got right to work helping him open his birthday cards. She was super proud to show him the planes she drew in the card (a Happy 2nd Birthday card with a puppy on the front) she picked out for him. Her planes were some straight lines of crayons that she fired off and then shouted out “PLANE,” and after he read the card she took it back to the drawing table to add more to it. While she colored, Andrew opened his gifts- an Army t-shirt, a dop kit, personalized packing cubes and a new American flag. After presents, we sat down to his birthday dinner- homemade Chicken Tikka Masala with rice and naan, followed by a surprise Carvel chocolate ice cream cake. After we put Maddie to bed, I threw down the gauntlet and whooped him in Trivial Pursuit (my first and maybe only win). Very graciously, he agrees it was a great birthday!The Birthday BoyAndrew 28th BirthdayDaddy n Daughter Share Birthday Cake

July 12th was a busy one, packed full of fun and festivity! We took the birthday girl blueberry picking at Carter Blueberry Farm. Aside from a few fire ant bites and the insane humidity, we had a blast! At the end of our time there, there wasn’t a single blueberry in Madeline’s bucket; she had eaten them all as she picked them. We ended up taking home more than two pounds of blueberries for $2, meaning some tasty blueberry pancakes were in our future the next morning. Right after our romp at the farm, we went to a picnic at a park on post for Andrew’s unit- there was cake and Maddie played hard on the playscape, hanging and swinging from any bar in sight. After lunch, the birthday girl napped for a few hours and woke up happy and ready for more. So we had her neighborhood friends over for cupcakes, and when they left, we FaceTimed with both sets of grandparents and let her open her birthday presents.Blueberry picking Carter Blueberry FarmBlueberry Picking2 Year Old Birthday Cupcakes
This year, the big question of “How old are you?” was first answered with, “Maddie!” and followed up after a little prompting by, “I’m TYOO!” We have a tyoo year old. How is this even possible??

Cheers to another year with my favorites- Daddy and Maddie! Thank goodness I have a whole year to rest up/prepare before Birthday Bonanza 3.0.

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