craigslist: it’s not just for escorts anymore!

And this, my friends, is why I shop on Craigslist. (Please disregard my grainy iPhone photo- I was really anxious to show it off!)Solid Wood Bookself

A solid wood bookcase listed for $25 and talked down to just $18! I inquired, purchased and brought home this local find in under two hours. And they generously lifted it into my car for me! It perfectly fills a void in our guest room and houses all of our previously homeless books (yes, that is two different sets of Harry Potter and a bunch of Nancy Drews). I swoon every time I walk past.

This is my second Craigslist success in the last two months! The first really deserves it’s own post. In due time…


  1. I’m hit or miss for CL. I haven’t looked lately, but maybe I should see if somebody upgraded their microwave and got a new one:)

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