the most awesome/nasty way to unclog your drain.

Remember when I told you about my drain unclogging shenanigans? The time I tried to use baking soda to unclog what I believed was a large wad of hair from my tub drain? Remember how it didn’t work? Well one of you suggested I try something called a Zip-It, and I figured, “Why not? It’s not like I’m dying to pour toxic, hair-eating chemicals down my drain anyway.” So I tried it.

It’s totally awesome/totally nasty, all rolled into a totally inexpensive (less than $5 shipped) little gadget. Meet the Zip-It aka my new best friend! Zip-It drain unclogging toolAll you have to do is force this little gadget down your drain, then yank it back up. As you retrieve it, the teeth of the Zip-It snag any sludge that is blocking the way of the drain. My sludge was epic, if I do say so myself. Pregnancy+hypothyroidism=HURR LOSS.Zip-It Drain Tool

Do me a favor. Buy yourself a Zip-It and stick it under your sink so that the next time you forget to replace your plastic hair catcher and you’re standing in 2 inches of water in the tub OR your bathroom sink backs up because all of your hair just happens to fly down the drain every time you blow dry your hair…you’re covered. No Drain-o necessary. Just a little plastic magic wand and some elbow grease! (And then send me a photo of your nasty sludge.) Thank you. You’re welcome.


  1. Whoa. I need one of these. Bad. I wonder if it would work well in a shower drain too? Or would the wad be too big to pull through the little holes in the drain?

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