i think i blacked out.

Thin MintsThis has been happening too often. I look down and half a sleeve of Thin Mints are gone. There are six Airhead wrappers next to me. The bag of chips is empty. This black out, binge junk eating has got to stop! It’s like I’m calling out to the god of gestational diabetes, “Pick me! Choose me!”

Why can’t I be craving fruits or veggies, like when I was pregnant with Madeline!? At least then my weight gain wouldn’t seem so belligerent. The only go-to, healthy choices in my repertoire right now are watermelon, pickles and kalamata olives.

I know the solution is to not keep crap in the house, but that is easier said than done, especially as I have such a loving (read: co-conspiring) husband who hears my sweet/salty “need” of the moment and makes it happen by that night. I’ve been trying to keep my actual meals healthy and smaller, so that when I inevitably gorge myself on garbage my daily caloric intake doesn’t skyrocket. All I can say is, it’s a good thing I’m taking prenatal vitamins…

Do you have a healthy, low maintenance snack idea that actually seem like a treat you’d be willing to share? Sweet or salty. I’m not picky.


  1. Fruity Greek yogurt? I know that can’t compare to Thin Mints, but sometimes it helps cut a sweets craving. Or some good ol’ Ovaltine! Good luck. I just kinda accept from the beginning that I’m going to be the size of a house by the time it’s all said and done.

    • I just tried Noosa today. Have you ever had this delicious treat?? YUM! I’m also buying more of my favorite Chobani Coco Loco and Mueller Dark Chocolate with Raspberry. At least if I’m going to eat sweet, I’m going to get some calcium!

  2. I’ve actually been going on a health journey the past 3 months too (sans the pregnancy of course)! I’m a cheesecake, chocolate bar, heaping amounts of sugar in the coffee, frosting loving kinda gal. Reality kicked in when my doctor told me I gained 13 pounds since last year. Guess my eating habits and sitting lifestyle wasn’t working out as well as I thought… So besides exercising again, I’ve found sweet little snacks to satisfy. I like Werther’s or other hard candies just so I can get the taste of something sweet. I bring a bowl of fruit to work for an afternoon snack with a small amount of dark chocolate chips in it. Homemade smoothies have been my new favorite thing over the past few weeks. After a few months of giving in to cravings by telling myself, “This cookie won’t affect me,” I realized I needed to gain some self discipline. By ignoring that first craving, I started to feel empowered. Lol I sound like a self help book, but I’m just excited to share that WITH TIME (not immediate) these changes can happen.


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