2014 song of the summer: a lovely sunny day!

It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means the unofficial start of summer! The neighborhood pool opened up today. We went to Trader Joe’s and picked up a bunch of food (steak, ribs, corn on the cob) to cook out on the grill. The days are sunny. Kids smell like sunscreen and sidewalk chalk. Dogs pant incessantly after just a few minutes outside. Each day comes with at least one outfit change- either from sweat or from water table/hose/kiddie pool play. Evenings are spent reading on the porch while the sun sets. It’s hot, but not too hot (yet). There are bugs, but not too many bugs (yet). It’s a lovely time to be outside!

What a segue into what I’d like to share with you today…what I instantly dubbed our family’s 2014 Song of the Summer (it can be yours, too):

*Shoutout to Maddie’s super talented Uncle Mattie for his writing/producing/awesome Sesame Street connections!*


  1. Cathie McCullough says

    Love this. This song makes you happy!

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