who runs the world? girls.

boy-meets-world-spin-off-girl-meets-worldThe boy met the world and now it’s time for his daughter to do the same. Two things: How am I so old, and please let this be good.

Hillary Clinton had a shoe thrown at her while delivering a speech in Las Vegas. This was my first reaction. My second reaction- I wonder what kind shoe it was? Was it the one the girl was wearing when she walked in? Did she hobble out hands up, one shoe off and one shoe on? Or did she bring a shoe from home and carry it in in her purse with the intent of launching it at the stage? Either way, see reaction number one.

Not new, but new to me, MIT scientists created a computer program that can show colors and motions in video that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye (think actually seeing your pulse in the imperceptible flushing of your skin). Cool.

What if you change key of poppular sad song? Will it happy? What about happy somg? Will it sad? Listen.

I made these Lemon Coconut Crunch Bars for ladies night yesterday. If you’re in need of a spring/summer, light and tasty treat- this is it. And it was super simple to make!


  1. Boy Meets World: parents edition. If that makes you feel old imagine actually being their ages in real life :-\

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