april showers bring april flowers.

Whiskey Barrel Flowers The warm weather last week sealed the deal for me. I went out and bought my flowers. Last year, I had my mom in town to help me make an arrangement for our whiskey barrel. She knocked it out of the park. This year, I had to go it alone, but I gotta tell ya- I feel pretty confident about where the barrel is going this year. All the perimeter flowers are trailers and will grow and dangle over the sides. The snap dragons should double in size. And everything else in the middle should sprout up and out into a tundra of lush green and amazing pinks, yellows and purples. A lot of watering and a little Miracle Gro, and this barrel will mean business in a few weeks. Bring on the sunshine!

I have plans to pull up our enormous, eyesore, taking-over, under-used rosemary bush, slide our rose bush over and put in a brand new Strawberry Sundae Hydrangea. I’m also going to choose a few hanging baskets for out front, as well. Tomatoes and basil will grow out back once I’m sure it will stay warm enough for them. Things are gonna get real pretty real soon. And it’s about time! I’m sick of brown grass and barren trees. April showers bring April flowers!
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