save money, buy consignment!

I could hardly sleep last night, I’m so excited. It’s consignment sale day! I dropped off my box of items to consign over the weekend, and today we shop the Hugs and Kisses Children’s Consignement Sale at 11AM. I’m going all out this time, and I’ve got a plan. I’m going to start with Maddie in the Becco (contained and harmless), pushing the stroller. When she gets tired or restless, I’ll move her to the stroller and start handing out snacks- Pirates Booty, dried mango, breadsticks, raisins and pouches (the greatest hits). When all else fails, I’ll pull out the paci and Lamby. Since the sale starts right before nap time, I’m hopeful she’ll be content to rest and people watch. After going through her closet and forecasting her needs through the fall (i.e. Easter, her birthday, pool time and summer fun), I’ve made my list. I’m ready to shop ’til I drop. Wish me luck!

Hugs and Kisses Spring 2014 Consignment Sale

Photo: Hugs and Kisses Consignment Sale

What is the number one thing you look to pick up at a children’s consignment sale?


  1. I want to shop there with you!! We have a Once Upon A Child here that I like and I plan on hitting it up again once Sesame’s gender is revealed. I like brand new clothes and will probably buy a couple gender specific clothes at regular stores too, but I’m not about to pay $42 each outfit for a closet full of clothes that are sure to become nothing but a spit up catcher.

  2. Oh I miss consignment shopping! But man oh man you are brave for taking the child (aka the ticking time bomb) with you. Everywhere we go now, I’m all, “We’re late, we’re late, for a very important NAPTIME HURRY UP AND GO PEOPLE!” Things are touch-and-go around here if we don’t stick to the nap schedule.

    • It wasn’t too bad really! She did the first half in the carrier and the second half in the stroller. Snoozed for 30 minutes while I was in the clothes racks. It all went off pretty well!!!

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