Baking Soda: Saving you from smells since long, long ago!

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s that I have two large dogs. Maybe it’s the thousands of pounds of military gear stored in our closets. Whatever it is, my house has been feeling stale, as of late. You know what I’m talking about. I come down the stairs each morning, wrinkle my nose and think, “Yuck. I’ve got to do something about this.” Well, yesterday was the day.

It all started when I was organizing my baking shelf. I was putting chocolate chips of all sizes into mason jars for prettier storage. But when I opened one of my larger jars, I noticed a stink. Old tomato sauce. There were no stains and it had obviously been washed, yet the strong scent of Italy remained. I saw my enormous, BJ’s-sized bag of baking soda on the floor of the pantry and had an idea.Baking Soda Economy SizeI dropped about a tablespoon of baking soda into the jar, replaced the lid and shook and swished and coated the insides with powder. Then I re-opened, dumped the baking soda into the trash, wiped out the jar and took a whiff. I was pleasantly surprised. FRESHNESS! It was in that moment that I realized the bigger fix- I would attempt to deodorize my carpets with baking soda! (Moms of the 1950s are collectively shaking their heads at this millennial.)

Yesterday morning, I vacuumed the downstairs- pulling up all sorts of dust and dog hair. Then as soon as I had put Madeline down for her nap and put the dogs into their crates, I started sprinkling the fairy dust, generously coating all of the carpet.
Baking Soda Carpet DeodorizerNext, I swept the carpets, breaking up big rocks of baking soda, making sure it all really penetrated. Then I put my feet up and watched last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (this cleaning thing is too easy- somebody pass the bonbons). Finally, just as Madeline was starting to stir, I vacuumed again. I used long, slow strokes on the carpet, making sure all of the debris was picked up.There was a LOT of powder in my canister. I emptied it at least 3-4 times before I was finished. And as was the case with the smelly mason jar, I shoved my nose into the carpet, breathed deep and found…FRESHNESS! No wet dog smells. No spilt milk smells. Just the smell of a clean carpet. Super gratifying.
After Baking Soda Carpet DeoderizerNote: If you don’t have a Dyson or another equally powerful, bagless vacuum, you might want to rethink attempting this project, as it could damage your machine.

This morning I opened my refrigerator and noticed a bit of funk, probably due to the fish I’m defrosting for dinner at my friend’s house tonight. You can bet your bottom dollar I ran to the pantry for a bowl of my beloved baking soda. The odor is already mostly diffused!

So I guess you could say I went old school on this one. Back to basics. Whatever works, I say, and baking soda does just that!

Besides baking and deodorizing, what are you using baking soda for?? Inquiring moms want to know…

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