weathering the storm.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled reading to bring you:

Snowpocalypse Version 2.0.

A huge snow storm hit North Carolina last week, and Mother Nature tried her hardest to foil all of our plans. Andrew’s mom, Helen, was supposed to fly in Wednesday night for a visit, but on Tuesday night her flight was cancelled ahead of the weather. After some finagling and a call to Jet Blue, we got her switched to a flight first thing Wednesday morning, one of the only ones to make it into Raleigh all week.

The moment Helen stepped foot in our house, the snow started falling and didn’t stop for two whole days.

We spent a lot of our time together catching up and telling stories and laughing and playing with Madeline and watching Olympics and playing Scrabble and eating and drinking wine in our sweatpants. It was actually some much-apprecaited forced relaxation/fun.

Our Valentine’s day was super fun, but unfortunately, our Valentine’s gift to Grandmother- a shipment of Jack Stack BBQ, from her hometown of Kansas City- was delayed due to the weather and didn’t arrive while she was here. Anyone who has tried their baked beans and brisket knows what a HUGE disappointment this was for us.

On Saturday morning, the sun finally came out and melted the snow, and we fled the house! My mother-in-law treated me to a rejuvenating pedicure and eyebrow wax, while Andrew picked up more wine, crayons and sidewalk chalk with Maddie. We grabbed lunch from Chik-fil-a, a treat for our West Coast mama. Then Madeline napped, while Helen and I caught up on Downton Abbey (can we give Anna a break yet!?! seriously…). Late that afternoon, we took the puppies to the lake for a much-needed romp and release of cabin-fever energy- theirs and ours.

Another casualty of the storm was our squadron’s military formal, which had been scheduled for Thursday evening. The ball ended up being rescheduled for Sunday, but by then our built-in-babysitter, Grandmother, had already flown home. Luckily, our regular sitter was available last minute, so we gussied up for a lovely night out at the famous Pinehurst Resort.
5 73 CAV Ball

Just when we thought we’d weathered the storm, my mom, who was scheduled to fly in this morning texted me last night- her flight had been cancelled due to impending weather in New York. If we learned anything from Helen’s traveling debacle, it’s that it’s better to get stuck at your destination than to be stuck in an airport like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. So Grandma got herself onto a late-night flight last night- one complete with a fuel problem (no fuel in the plane before take off), a car accident (that prevented the fuel truck from reaching their plane) and an on-board fight (over a loud-talker being told by another passenger to use her inside voice) – and landed in Raleigh at 11:15PM. We made it home to Fort Bragg by 1AM and were up with the chirping birds this morning.

It’s looking and feeling a lot like spring today- temps will be soaring up to the high sixties and low seventies all week, the grass is starting to turn green and our chalk and bubbles are ready to go! Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of the snow…


  1. You look so pretty all dressed up!

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