DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations: Felt Heart Garland.

Valentines felt heart garland
With Valentine’s Day rapidly sneaking up on men all over the world, I thought I’d do my part to remind my main man of the holiday of love this year. I bought a sweet strand of felt garland from Target that says, “LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” But when he didn’t notice that (hung blatantly across our back sliding door), I decided to go one step further and whip up my own chain of felt hearts! This DIY decoration took me less than an hour to complete (I made it while Madeline was not-sleeping in her crib during nap time)!

In truth, I made my heart garland to string up at the A Little Something Sweet neighborhood Valentine’s Day party that I’m co-hosting next week. But still- a little wink wink, nudge nudge never hurt a gal’s chances for some chocolate!

45 minutes

What You Need:

  • A marker
  • Cardstock
  • Sharp scissors
  • Felt sheets (assorted colors)- I used glittery white, red and magenta (I used these 25 cents sheets of felt from Hobby Lobby once before already, for our Felt Christmas Tree– definitely getting our money’s worth)
  • Bakers twine
  • Sewing machine

What You Need To Do:

  • Fold cardstock in half. Along the fold (the fold is the center of your heart), draw one half of a heart with your marker (this will be your template for your large hearts- you choose the size).
    Heart Tracer Template
  • Cut out the heart, then trace a smaller heart within the larger heart (this will be your template for your medium hearts).
    Heart Tracer
  • Cut out medium heart. You should be left with a large heart template, a medium heart template and your leftover card stock (save this- you could turn it into a Valentine’s Day card, later).
    Mutli-sized heart tracers for felt garland
  • Using your large and medium templates, cut out three of each size hearts from your colored sheets of felt. Use any leftover felt to freehand a few small heart cut-outs.
    Felt Hearts for Garland
  • Arrange your hearts into a pattern (or don’t- way to live dangerously, you rebel).
  • Using your sewing machine, leave at least six inches of slack thread at the start, then feed your hearts through one at a time, leaving one to two inches of space between each. To do this, just lightly tug each heart through after you’ve sewn it, while still pressing the foot pedal, then lift the needle and foot, insert your next heart, and repeat until all hearts are used up. Garland will be approximately six feet long.
  • Once chain is complete, you’ll want to attach a piece of bakers twine (mine was about eight inches) to each end. To do this, sew the twine onto the last heart on each end using a zig-zag stitch, sewing forward and then in reverse at least four times. This will make it much more sturdy when tying it up.
    Stitching on bakers twine ties for garland
  • Tie a knot with the bakers twine and thread to secure the ends. Cut off any remaining thread, leaving just the twine on the ends of the garland.
  • Hang your DIY Valentine’s Day decoration, admire your award-winning craftiness and make sure to point it out to your sweetheart! ::wink::
    Felt heart garland

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