the only sippy cup you need to own.

Baby with Zoli Cup
Madeline has been drinking from a sippy cup since she was about six months old. But finding the perfect cup for her has been no easy task. I’ve tried no fewer than ten different cups, looking for “the one” that would suit her needs- 1. Wouldn’t make her cough or sputter (a problem she had for a few months) 2. Would allow water through, even without a very firm suck (especially as a smaller baby) 3. Would allow water through even if cup was turned upside down (things get silly when you’re allowed to drink from your own cup; also babies aren’t very smart).

I became what some people would call a sippy cup connoisseur. Others (Andrew) called me a sippy cup hoarder. I just called myself thorough. No cup would go untested on my watch.

When a friend told me to look into a cup with a “weighted straw,” I thought to myself two things- 1. Genius. 2. Game-changer. I jumped online and found Zoli BOT cups. At $12 a pop, I bought just one and crossed my fingers. “You’d better work, you expensive little vessel!”

The cup was a success from the moment I put it in her hands, and Madeline has really put it through the ringer.

Throw it off the side of the highchair? Good to go.
Open and close the flip lid ad nauseum? Good to go.
Bite the mouth of the straw? Good to go.
Shake it for all it’s worth? Good to go.
Roll around on the ground and take drinks laying down? Good to go.
Tip it upside down? Good to go.

Baby Tipping Zoli Cup Upside Down

This cup won’t break. The flip lid is easy for babies to open and close. The soft, flexible straw holds up against some major chomping. Perhaps most importantly, the cup rarely spills, and if it does it’s because I’ve screwed the lid on improperly. There are no valves, thingamajigs or parts to put together. Just a cup and lid with a weighted straw that allows your baby to drink to the very last drop.

If I could do it all over again, I would start with Zoli BOT (maybe four or five of them- one in each color), and I’d skip any other sorry attempt at “the perfect sippy cup.” We have one pink BOT XL, and Madeline got a green BOT in her stocking from Santa. Now I’ve decided to consign all of our other sippies and add more Zoli cups to our collection! In my opinion, you can’t have too much of a good thing.
Baby Drinking From Zoli Cup
We can’t live without our Zoli cups.


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