snow comes but once a year on Fort Bragg.

Snow man
Real and true snow made an appearance on Fort Bragg this week. And because the South isn’t well equipped to deal with even just a few inches, the entire post shut down- no school, no work, no nothing. Within minutes of daybreak on Wednesday, the hills around our homes were packed with parents and children, squealing with delight at their makeshift sleds (laundry baskets, plastic bins and flattened boxes galore). All the dogs frolicked and pounced about in their yards, big smiles on their snow-covered faces. All the birds ruffled up their feathers and spent the day huddled around the feeders. All the people quickly froze in our scraped-together cold weather gear, and spent the rest of the day inside, warm with hot chocolate, under cozy blankets. Let’s do this again next year, Fort Bragg!

Madeline watching the snow fall
Baby's First Snow Day
Madeline BW Snow
Andrew and Madeline in makeshift sled
Daddy Pulls Maddie
Maddie on Daddy's shoulders in the snow
Mommy and Madeline in the snow
Mommy and Maddie walking in the snow
Maddie enjoys hot cocoa after snow


  1. I really need a chair like Maddie’s. That thing looks insanely soft and cozy.

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