another one bites the dust.

Bum…bum…bum…another one bites the dust!

That’s right. Mama caught the flu. Went to sleep with burning lungs and a weird cough. Woke up aching all over, skin hurting, feeling like I could melt into the bed. It was inevitable I guess, since I didn’t get the flu shot. I’m one of those people who are scared to get the shot because I suspect it would probably give me the flu instead of preventing it. We vaccinate against everything else. There is no logical explanation for my crazy. Even still, I say, Flu A takes no prisoners.

Fortunately, Tylenol has been kind to me. Since taking it, I at least feel like I can make it to nap time. I might even try to fold some clothes, since you know my house is a total disaster and it’s not going to clean itself. Or I might just take a nap.

This is where we're at right now.

This is where we’re at right now.


  1. I hope you’re all better by now! So sorry you got the flu. I don’t get the flu shot either- too many years of working in a pharmacy and hearing not-so-great things about it. Still haven’t gotten it (KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD), so I’m hoping my carefully crafted plan of drinking essential oil/praying/eating cookies/praying some more/knocking on all the wood does the trick.

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