from pin to project: sweet chile-pineapple glazed stir fry.

My Pin: Spoon With Me’s Sweet Chile-Pineapple Glazed Tofu with Mixed Veggie Stir Fry

Spoon With Me's Sweet Chile-Pineapple Glazed Tofu with Mixed Veggie Stir Fry

Spoon With Me’s Stir Fry

My Project: Sweet Chile-Pineapple Glazed Stir Fry

Sweet Chile-Pineapple Glazed Stir Fry

I tried this: December 2013

Alterations:  For the glaze, I didn’t have chili garlic sauce, so I used a generous squirt (about 1 or 2 tbs) of sriracha. For the tofu, I didn’t have cornmeal, so I didn’t fry it as suggested. First I let the block of tofu rest between paper towels for about ten minutes, to eliminate excess water. Then I just cubed, salted and sauteed it in canola oil. I prepared the tofu first, then set aside on a paper towel, wiped out the wok with a wet paper towel and then sauteed the veggies. I used green beans and carrots, because that’s what I had in the fridge. I served the stir fry over white rice.

Thoughts: The glaze was awesome! The spiciness of the sriracha cooked off into a really pleasant sweet heat. I ended up having a little too much glaze leftover, because I didn’t use as many vegetables and didn’t want it to turn into a soup.

When cooking the tofu, I’d recommend using a non-stick pan/wok, even if you’re using oil, because otherwise it will stick/won’t sear as well.

You could substitute chicken or beef for tofu and add really any veggie you’d like to this dish.

This stir fry was yummy, plain and simple. Madeline enjoyed it without the glaze- the sesame oil and soy sauce made the tofu and veggies smokey and salty, just how she liked it. I enjoyed it with the glaze- it easily surpassed the flavors of take-out Chinese food. Andrew didn’t enjoy it at all, because he “hates” tofu and wouldn’t take a single bite. Oh well, more for me.

The only negative? This recipe takes some time (upwards of 30-40 minutes, including prep), especially if your time is not your own. Having a rice cooker helped, since I didn’t have to babysit that piece of the meal. You could probably prepare parts of this ahead or at least get some of the chopping done earlier in the day.

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