DIY play kitchen (part one).

I think in May, I came up with the brilliant idea to get Madeline a play kitchen for her birthday. Andrew was all, “I can make one that is better quality for cheaper than these pieces of junk!” And I was all, “Go on with your bad self, Tim The Tool Man Taylor!” So we hopped in the VUE and drove to Lowes for some of the most expensive quality wood they had. Anything for our girl! We also walked out with a $300 work bench, because how could we possible build a kitchen without a work bench? Logic.

Side note: Already, the project had cost more than a Pottery Barn Play Kitchen, but no matter! We had started it. By golly, we were going to finish it!

HA! July 12th came and went, and we were no further along in the project than our purchase of wood and bench two months prior. It will be her Christmas present, we assured each other.

In September, I began scouring Pinterest, Ebay, Etsy and Craigslist for ideas and accessories.

In October, I bought paint and encouraged Andy to whittle and woodwork. After all, Christmas would be here before we knew it.

November flew by, leaving broken arms, broken drill bits and broken promises in it’s wake.

Today is December 19th, and we are STILL not finished with this play kitchen. The planning? Easy. The execution? Not so much. Carpenters we are not, especially with plans that leave quite a bit to be desired for novices. Sorry, Ana White. We’re not mind-readers, either!

I’m actually on my way back to Lowes right now, one of about 15 trips this project has required, for some final accoutrement. Lowes must have been a very good store this year, since we are hemorrhaging every last one of our hard earned dollars into their register this holiday season. CA-CHING!

Merry Christmas, Lowes. Love, The Wilhelms

PS- For reference, others claim to have completed this project over a weekend and for like $50. These people are liars.

PPS- The kitchen should be finished by this afternoon (PLEASE!), and we’ll surprise Maddie with her early gift from Mommy and Daddy before we leave for New York tomorrow.

PPPS- Part two/photos/details of the only gift she’ll receive for the next ten years? Up on here soon!

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