a Christmas miracle.

FACT: I love Christmas cards.

I love seeing our tiny mailbox stuffed full of red, green and white envelopes. I love the shower of glitter that pours from the snowy cards. I ooh and ahh over the babies in frilly outfits and the puppies with red ribbons ’round their necks. I devour the year-in-review letters. I marvel at the charm and wit of the Christmas poem. Then I hang them all up on my walls and admire them in the days leading up to the new year, a little reminder that we’re surround by the love of our family and friends.

FACT: Christmas cards have been hanging over my head this year.

I’ve been dropping the ball. Hardcore. I’ve had no ideas, no vision. I’ve put off taking a photo of Madeline in her Christmas dress, because she still has her cast on. The days until Christmas are dwindling, and the pressure has been mounting.

MYTH: The perfect Christmas card takes planning and preparation and due diligence. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

Monday night, we went to an FRG event and met Santa. Maddie was wearing her Christmas pajamas and the whole thing was undeniably adorable. I took tons of pictures, because it’s not every day you meet Santa for the first time and because that’s just how I roll. In the back of my mind, I felt that tiny flicker of hope that just one of the photos I had snapped could be “the one.”

That night, I pulled the files up on my computer. You guys, I’m gonna go ahead and call it a Christmas miracle- “the one” was among them! I hunched over my laptop, editing furiously, forcing Andy to look, ignoring his suggestions, choosing a card, customizing and going back to Andy’s suggestions. Then I entered my coupon codes (25% off and free shipping!) and ordered. And just like that, I checked “Christmas Cards” off my Christmas To-Do List. See? Miraculous.

I won’t share the actual picture, because that would spoil it for our families, but I will show you some of the outtakes, including my favorite pictures of Maddie and Daddy (maybe of all time). Hope they bring you a little Christmas cheer!

Daddy/daughter Christmas photo Daddy and daughter in front of the Christmas Tree Mommy and Maddie in front of the tree Best buddies in front of the Christmas Tree Sweet 16 month old girl in front of Christmas tree

PS- Start sending cards. I can’t wait!

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