{review + giveaway} GooseWaddle Blanket & Blankie Set.

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The Good:
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the new baby in the family? The sweetest baby shower gift? The coziest way to snuggle up your little buddy? Look no further. GooseWaddle’s got you covered with their silky soft, comfy cozy baby blankets and blankies.

These blankets are exactly what you want for your baby- warmth. Tell me I’m not alone in this, but I’ve been known to go into Madeline’s room (every single night) and pull the covers up all the way up to her chin. I don’t hang about. As long as she’s covered, I’m good to go. With a GooseWaddle blanket in her crib, I’ll never have to worry again. And although Madeline is already attached to her “guys” (bunny, puppy and lamby), I’ve been trying to bring GooseWaddle’s blankie into the mix for it’s versatility alone- hug it, lay it under your head, wrap up baby dolls with it, soothe yourself to sleep with it as you pet the satiny edging.

If blankets could be hearty, GooseWaddle’s would be the beef stew with crusty bread of blankets. They are thick, warm and they wash well (which is really important, since accidents and sickness happen- a lot). I may or may not have spent Friday night by myself hunkered down on the couch with the full-sized blanket over my lap, as I caught up on the latest Grey’s. I didn’t even need socks! I mean…I may not have needed socks. If that was me, and I did that.

Finally, similar to another favorite brand of mine, TOMS, GooseWaddle has created a “Buy 1, Give 1” campaign. For every GooseWaddle blanket bought, the company donates a receiving blanket to a child in need. So when you wrap your baby up in a cozy GooseWaddle blanket, you can feel even better about it, knowing your purchase helped share the warmth!

The Bad:
GooseWaddle’s blankets are on the pricier side ($65 for the baby blanket), but they are right on par with our Company Store and Pottery Barn Kids blankets in terms of quality, comfort and beauty. In other words, well worth the money spent.

It’s recommended you lay their blankets flat to dry, rather than putting them into the dryer. This is not very convenient when you are looking for a quick turn-around LOL (load of laundry) before naptime. But if it preserves the awesome quality, I suppose it’s a small price to pay.

When trimming the tag with the washing instructions off of the little blankie (since it seemed weird to have a scratchy tag on such a soft blankie), I cut too close to the edge. Without realizing it, I cut a thread from the seam, so the satin edging came apart from the  blanket. A quick run through the sewing machine fixed it, no problem. While it was most definitely my own error, if these instructions had been a part of the removable tag instead, I may not have had this problem.

The Ugly:
There is nothing ugly about these gorgeous blankets! And they come in three colors- blue, pink and white!

Rating (1-Not Good, 2- Okay, 3- Good, 4-Very Good, 5- AMAZING!):

And because they are just that good, GooseWaddle is giving away a Blanket and Blankie set to one lucky Keep Calm and Soldier On reader!

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*A blanket and blankie set was provided by GooseWaddle for review purposes.


  1. “the beef stew with crusty bread of blankets” – LMAO you are the queen of writing reviews! Entertaining, yet informative. I hate (haaaaaaate) when I have to cut those tags off. I don’t want some hard, sharp piece of plastic fabric poking my child because I didn’t cut it close enough, yet when you do, you cut the actual blanket and curse yourself for not going further out. Lose-lose. But I hope I win! I know someone who would looooove this. 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure I’m a fan of yours on facebook but I’m not sure. I mean, I KNOW we’re friends and all, but is that the same thing? If I’m not and I just filled out a false entry than feel free to delete me. From the giveaway I mean. Not from your facebook friends list. 😉

  3. Ok – all 10 entries done!


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