from pin to project: homemade frozen smoothies.

My Pin: Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures’ Homemade Smoothie Mix

Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures’ Homemade Smoothie Mix

My Project: Homemade Frozen Smoothies

I tried this: November 2013

Alterations: Instead of freezing my yogurt into cubes, I just used fresh yogurt with frozen berries.

Thoughts: I used a 32oz container of vanilla yogurt, pre-packaged frozen fruits and milk to make my smoothies. My method was to add to my blender one cup of yogurt, then two cups of frozen fruit and then to fill the blender with milk until the berries were just about covered with liquid. Then I blended until completely pureed and voila! Homemade smoothies to rival Jamba Juice! This method yielded 12 half pint mason jars full of smoothie, leaving about half and inch of room at the top of each jar (in case they expand when frozen). I popped them all in my freezer, and we’ll move them to the fridge the night before we want one for breakfast. Quick and easy!

I made two different recipes this time: strawberry/peach/mango and mixed berry/banana. Both are delicious! For my next batch, I’m going to keep the base the same (vanilla yogurt and milk), but I’ll add banana/peanut butter/ovaltine (chocolate) powder for a protein and vitamin-rich breakfast.

What are your favorite smoothie recipes?

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