a dark, black cloud.

For the last week, it would appear that a dark, black cloud is hovering over the Wilhelm house. More specifically over my poor baby.

Last Thursday, Madeline broke her arm falling onto carpet. Last night she coughed, gagged and then threw up all over me, herself and the upholstered chair in her room, where we sat in the dark before bed. This morning she had an accident on the carpet, when she got up and ran away mid-diaper change. This afternoon I took her to the doctor for a cough (the same one that caused sick-baby last night); turns out she has an ear infection, too. How I will get this ear infection to subside, I have no clue, since she sure as heck won’t swallow the grape flavored chalk her doctor gave her for it. Sigh…

It’s 1:45PM, and I’m back in my sweats. I’ve also eaten some chocolates. Please, if you’re reading this, send wine or beer. No, but seriously.

Next week, I will be putting some good karma out into the world ┬áin a selfish attempt try to get things back on track over here. The best part? One of YOU will be the recipient of said good karma! That’s right, folks. I’m hosting a giveaway! Get excited, and come back Monday for all the deets!

Blue skies smiling at me-
Nothing but blue skies do I see…


  1. Poor Maddie! Poor you! I hope there are many easy months in your future since you just weathered All Things Horrible these past few weeks. Peace and wine and chocolate be with you.

  2. Oh gosh. I hope things are better this week.

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