Time feels like it is going by too quickly.  Each day flies by faster than the next. I blinked and it’s Thursday. I blinked, and it’s already October. It’s so easy to breeze right through a week and then through another weekend without a second thought, but lately I am reminded not to take a single moment for granted.

I know too many women whose husbands are deployed or away at training, who would give anything to have family time. Who wish Daddy was home to share a cup of coffee with, to wrestle and play chase with and to kiss goodnight. Who would give anything for what we have right now. I owe it to those families to realize our good fortune and to take advantage of it. I think that is why I’m so desperate to make the most of every second we have together as a family. I’ve penciled in trips to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, to the zoo, to the botanical gardens and to the symphony. And that’s just in October.

Andrew asked me this morning if I thought I was over-scheduling us. I reminded him that we have a lot memories to make. I just hope we’ll have enough time to make them.

Maddie and Daddy in Southern Pines
Checking out Southern Pines on a Saturday morning.


  1. Jess Grimshaw says

    This is perfect and so accurate. It’s not an easy one, this life we have chosen.

  2. I agree with your response there ^^ completely. And sweet Mary that baby doll is cute! Molly wants you to figure out her outfits please. She is tired of leggings and old tshirts.

    • I’m lucky. My mom saved so many little dresses from when I was little. They are so frilly and well made. They completely held up 26+ years later!! If it wasn’t for my mom, we’d only be in pajamas all day long.

  3. I do the same thing. I love being out together as a family.

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