story time.

I took Madeline to story time at the local library yesterday. It was her first time in a more formal environment with children her age. It was right around nap time, so I thought she might be timid and cling to my leg, maybe even cry if someone looked at her.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Mer buh (more books), you say?? I’m in!!” she said. Or that’s what she would have said if she could talk. We got our new library card and started walking through the shelves of children’s books before story time. Her eyes grew bigger and bigger with each step. “Do you want to pick one out, Maddie?” I asked. “YAH!” she shouted. “Use your inside voice,” I said. “We’re in the library.” “MAMA. MAMA. YAH!! MAMA. MAMA. MAMA!!” she replied.

She tried out the pint-sized table and chairs in the children’s section:

Madeline sitting at the library table.
Madeline climbing on the library chair.

And picked out her first book to borrow:

Chamelia by Ethan Long
Chamelia- a book about standing out while still joining in with the crowd.
Not the most intuitive message.
We’ll take more care choosing next week. Something about pumpkins, perhaps?

During story time, Maddie was a chameleon, almost indistinguishable from the big kids, if it weren’t for her tiny stature and adorable overalls. I watched her join right in, like she’d been going to story time all her life. She ran forward with the children to pet the puppy puppet and to grab a bumblebee (pom pom) for a song. She stood right up front to listen to the stories and, when she lost interest, she made her rounds through the groups of sitting children to see how they were liking it. A few times she came back to me to check in, but I’m sure she did it for my sake and not because she needed me. 
Spring Lake Library Story Time
Story time at Spring Lake Library
There was never a MAMA so proud as I was, yesterday at story time. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.


  1. i love those overalls!! 🙂

    • One of our consignment finds! They’re Osh Kosh and I was so grateful for a finally chilly day so I could get her into them before she outgrows them!

  2. This is so sweet! Love it.


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