Last year, Madeline didn’t know what to think of Halloween. This year she’s nailing it to the wall!

Baby Madeline in Mommy's Little Pumpkin onesie with Evil Witch Peggy

I’m going to spend my entire pre-Halloween weekend looking here and here for inspiration for our big DIY Christmas gift for Madeline, while sipping on this and crunching on these, after trying to recreate something like this. When I am not doing those things, I will be very busy coaxing Madster in her very first Halloween costume (she didn’t dress up last year, because we wanted her first costume to be when Daddy was home; last year he was here) for our outing to the Symphonic Spooktacular with some of our close friends on Sunday. Those of you who are dying to see Maddie in costume, don’t you worry. She will also be dressing up for Tuesday’s Story Time, for my Halloween morning dermatologist appointment and for trick or treating next week. Get your tickets now!

What do you have lined up for the final weekend in October?

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