from pin to project: pumpkin pie crescents

My Pin: Six Sisters Stuff’s Mini Pumpkin Pie Crescents

Six Sisters Stuff Mini Pumpkin Pie Crescents
Six Sisters Stuff Mini Pumpkin Pie Crescents

My Project: Pumpkin Pie Crescents

Pumpkin Pie Crescents
My Pumpkin Pie Crescents, shot with my new 50mm lens!

I tried this: October 2013

Alterations: I cut this recipe in quarters to make just eight crescent rolls at a time.

Thoughts: Delicious! The Six Sisters strike again with this recipe. Sweet, but not too sweet, we enjoyed these pumpkin treats for Sunday breakfast with some Christmas tea. They would be awesome on Thanksgiving morning or really any fall day. Easy to make and not too messy, these will definitely be baked again and again in our house! The only change I might try next time would be adding a little bit of brown sugar to the filling, to add just a touch more sweetness.


  1. How dare you not review your lens purchase first! Gah! (Your photo looks better than theirs!)
    These look delicious so I will come over soon and we can geek out on these lenses and then eat pumpkin everything, mkay?

    • Pumpkin everything, you say? Well twist my arm…

      I didn’t review the lens, because I wouldn’t dare fancy myself a real photog worthy of reviewing a lens. Here’s what a review I could write would say: This lens is REALLY cool and very versatile. To take this photo I used a mini-tripod and put my camera on a 2 second timer, so that I wouldn’t shake it when I pressed the button AKA Professional. Thank you. Now I just need to get loads better at shooting on manual, so it doesn’t seem so hard to take a photo. The meter is my friend. Aperture. F Stop. ISO. The end.PS- For great photos with a 50mm see Life With The Lieutenant: The Blog.

      End scene.

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