from pin to project: bakers twine rack.

My Pin: Damask Love’s Corral The Chaos: How To Organize Your Baker’s Twine

Organize Your Bakers Twine on Damask Love

My Project: Bakers Twine Rack

My Baker’s Twine Rack in The Craft Room

I tried this: April 2013

Alterations: I spray painted my frame (white primer, pink spray paint and matte finish) and dowels before screwing in hooks and attaching the dowels. This particular die-cut frame seemed to soak paint right up, so I ended up using almost a full can of paint, but this could have been because I was a new spray-painter.

Thoughts: I bought a few rolls of bakers twine when I decided to start wrapping gifts in brown paper. I knew the twine would be the perfect, simple pop of color. However, storing the rolls was not so simple. I LOVE this method of hanging bakers twine. It makes it so easy to pull and cut little strands or arms length pieces of twine, easy to combine to colors and cut at the same length/time, and it’s easy on the eyes. If you have paint lying around the house or prefer the natural wood look, this project costs next to nothing (especially if you use a Michael’s coupon). It’s the perfect addition to a wrapping room or craft room and could even double as a washi tape holder. If there were conversations going on in or about my craft room, this would be the conversation piece!


  1. Sooooo crafty! I love it! And that blue chair! My God, woman! Imma just pin that right now, mkay?

  2. You and your perfect pinterest crafts!!!

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