from pin to project: american flag cake.

My Pin: The Sugar Turntable’s American Flag Cake

American Flag Cake from The Sugar Turntable
American Flag Cake Recipe on The Sugar Turntable

My Project: American Flag Birthday Cake

1st Birthday CakeAmerican Flag Birthday Cake
American Flag Cake Slices

I tried this: July 2013

Alterations: I made a practice cake first, using all the ingredients called for, but it turns out I don’t really care for red velvet cake. So for the actual birthday cake I used all white cake mix and just dyed the batters red and blue.

Thoughts: I made this cake for Madeline’s first birthday party on the Fourth of July. I thought the end result was just beautiful. My layers weren’t exactly even, but that didn’t matter a bit. All that mattered were the stars in my guests’ eyes when I cut into the white icing and Old Glory was revealed. Madeline loved her very first taste of cake, even if she did burst into tears before she could finish her patriotic piece (things got way to messy for her liking).

Madeline crying over her birthday cake.

Chilling the cakes before, during and after icing was crucial to my success. The colder the layers were, the easier it was to frost, the less crumbs I picked up. Also, the $3 wire cake cutter I picked up at Hobby Lobby was so necessary for cutting the layers. I never could have done it free-hand. Although it took quite bit of time (I think like 3-4 hours from pulling out the ingredients to shaking on some golden sugar sprinkles), this cake is totally worth it for the one-time WOW factor! I’m sure you could even make it a day ahead of your party and store in the refrigerator. In addition to the obvious choice- Fourth of July, this cake would be great for Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, a deployment homecoming or really just any day you wake up thinking about how much you love America.


  1. I am SO impressed. I once tried making a rainbow layer cake but ran out of pans so I made a red, white and blue one instead. (Don’t know why I was making a rainbow cake on the fourth of July anyway.) I frosted it white and put my brothers green Army men on top to make it look like they were doing the Iwo Jima flag thing. I want to do your cake next year!

  2. Holy crap woman. Talk about motivated. I sure hope Maddie was sleeping through the night by this point, because if not, ten gold stars for you and a barrel of wine!

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