cookies and crunchy leaves.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip CookiesOver the weekend, I was struck by the sudden urge to bake. This often happens when I’m feeling stressed, very happy, hungry or especially seasonal, as the case was this time. We had just come back from a family trip to the park. It had been a little bit chilly outside. Andy had fired up the grill for a burger and brat lunch. I was drinking a Sam Adams Octoberfest. Football had been on the television all day. I think we all know where I’m going with this…it was the perfect fall day. So I pulled out the ingredients to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod. Yes, I do have ingredients like canned pumpkin, ground cloves and multiple sticks of butter just lying around. And you should, too, if you want to be able to whip up this awesome autumn cookies at a moment’s notice. Madeline got to try her first taste of a chocolate chip, which, curiously, I found her eating around, then picking out of the cookie and setting aside on her tray. I guess she just preferred the delicious, soft, cake-like pumpkin spiced cookie? I’m not gonna hold it against her. She’ll learn. Oh, she’ll learn alright.
             Madeline tasting cookies
           My little taste tester.
First chocolate chip cookie
First chocolate chip cookie- pumpkin spiced.

The recipe yielded so many cookies that I packed up a few plates and dropped them off on our neighbors’ doorstep, while on a late afternoon stroll with Maddie. She spent the walk picking up crunchy leaves, which she presented to Andrew when we got home. Cut from the same cloth, I tell ya. Spreading the joy of fall to all!


Let me know when it’s too much. xoxo


  1. I just wanna come LIVE at your house! And eat all of the discarded chocolate chips of course. (Seriously, Sam Adams Octoberfest and pumpkin cookies? YOU SPEAK MY LOVE LANGUAGE.)

  2. I wish I was your neighbor!!!!! Do you need my address? 😉

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