The amount of whining going on in my home is at an all time high, and I would say I am only 15% to blame. 5% is Andy, and the remaining 80% of the whining is being done by our sweet daughter, Madeline.

The girl is a whining machine. She wakes up whining, continues steadily whining all day, peaking at approximately 3PM. She whines to go outside and whines to come back in. She whines to sit on my lap and whines to get off my lap. She whines to play together and whines because I’m not playing the right way. She whines to read a book with me and whines because she doesn’t want me to hold the book and then she skips all the middle pages and the book is over too soon WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE. The whining only stops after she whines herself to sleep.

By the end of the day, I feel a little shell shocked. Actually by about noon. Sometimes I laugh, like when she throws herself onto the floor to cry for a few minutes (adorable). Sometimes I try to reason with her (this usually makes her whine harder and louder). Sometimes I leave the room (she usually continues the whining, I think because she likes to hear it herself). Sometimes I take her picture to send to Andrew (she hates/loves this):

Madeline crying

I’m assuming this is some sort of phase, associated with her realizing her independence and her ability to control situations, coupled with her lack of napping and possible teething. So I guess unless you guys have some brilliant suggestions, I’m just going to ride the wave. Anybody have any good cheese recommendations to go with all the whine? Or better yet, wine recommendations?


  1. Wine recommendations? A TON OF IT. Same thing is happening here daily. And she used to be my easy child! Woe! Usually I go stick her in her crib for a few minutes because I cannot handle being shrieked at for hours on end every day. I cannot. I cannot. And then a squirrel farts or the sun shines in a displeasing way and we are back to whining again. Eye roll times a thousand!!!!!!

  2. Ahhhh! We went through that phase with our son and I’m sad to say, it lasted WAY longer than I would have liked. We ended up putting him in time out every time he whined at us. We eventually broke him of the habit. I think part of it was him just growing up. I wish I had some more advice for you. 🙁

  3. She’s so cute when she does it- that face! But Millie is the same way. I wish I had advice, but it hit at 2 and hasn’t stopped yet.:/

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